Monday, December 8, 2014


I'm not as optimistic about the warming trend as the talking heads on TV - A few days ago they were all spouting 50s and blah blah and I was like, what?   Not seeing it unless you are trying to get people to tune in and watch the weather.

Above average, yea but 50s?   MAYBE high 40s on Sunday but we drop down to slightly above average after that. The problem is lack of direct sunlight on the land.  With no snow on the ground the sun will really help.  Not many sunny days in the future though. 

Our average high is 33 so upper 30's will be great. The RECORD for this date is 50 so . . . . .   I mean we were above average yesterday by 3 degrees and I thought it was rather dank! 

I'm just glad winter had a premature ejaculation in November and got that super cold air out of it's system. Looking around the world there are really no huge pockets of cold. Things have sort of averaged out everywhere.  Canada up to Alaska is MUCH above normal so nothing is coming our way.  East Asia and South America are cool but . . . . who cares LOL. 


Oil dropped another 3% yesterday.  This is crazy! 

The November jobs report came out - BOOM!!!  That's what I'm talking about.  Holy Mackerel - CRUSHED IT!  50 straight months of job growth.  Longest streak since 1995.  The interesting thing about this report was that every sector reported growth. Even government.  The U-6 unemployment rate, fell to 11.5%, I think Republicans are HATING this news, damn you Obama.

Typically the jobs number will be revised in a month and on average the initial number is 70,000 short. The American economy is on hyper speed.


I was turned on to this comedian this weekend - an Australian dude and is almost pee your pants funny (well, at times)!  This bit is on gun control and it is SO true and he has such a funny take on it.  It's 15 minutes and talks about how 10% of the crowd that REALLY HATES HIM at the moment.   He will be at The Barrymore in Madison.


I was playing with an image of the Empire Builder and cropped it slightly differently and WOW - what a difference.

compared to

Sooooooo . . .Wisconsin's offense Saturday night seem a little sluggish, or was that just me?


OH - I have a number of friends in the IT industry so this might be of interest.  My forte' in computer languages are legacy languages -  only old or young SMART people are learning the crap languages that keep the world running.  Why young?  Because the smart young people know that NOBODY is learning these languages and the people who maintain million dollar systems are going away.

We have that problem where I work and  they are FREAKING OUT right now - seriously.

Everything REALLY important is on mainframes (such as payroll) and there is NOBODY to take care of those systems!   So if you are in school you can learn all the latest languages and when you graduate you can compete with the other 98% of students OR - get a job right out of school with ease with a legacy language.  

ANYWAY - here are the average out of school starting wages you can get for the top 12 languages . . . . if you can get hired ( and it's not with the State of Wisconsin).

12. PERL - $82,513

11. SQL - $85,511

10. Visual Basic - $85,962

9. C# - $89,074

8. R- $90,055

7. C - 90,134

6. JavaScript - $91,461

5. C++ - $93,502

4. JAVA - $94,908

3. Python - $100,717

2. Objective C - $108,225

1. Ruby on Rails - $109,460

I have never heard of Rudy on Rails!  all the rest YUP.

COBOL and SAS are not on that list but if you want a job . . . . BOOM!!  it's there waiting and there are very very few people out there.    


One last thing - seems there are people REALLY upset that Santa was not on the Christmas Train last night!  Kids were crying and now hate Santa and so forth.  WHAT AM I GOING TO TELL MY CHILD!!

Easy - Tell the child that Santa fell under the train and was cut in half.  Make this a learning opportunity to not play around train tracks!

 OH - if only I would have been a parent - I would have been great!   BUT NOOOOO!!    

Have a great Monday!


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