Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Joe Cocker who???

So I was running around big box stores yesterday looking for a ChromCast to take down to ILL for my mom and brother (they are sold out EVERYWHERE).

As I'm talking to a dude I get an alert "JOE COCKER DEAD AT 70".  Wow - my first thought is that I'm glad they don't announce ALL deaths on my phone as it would get pretty busy.  

SO - then I'm looking at DVD/Blu-Ray players because my DVD player died and the "dude" is talking to a customer who needs an HDMI cable because his TV only has 4:3 ratio and not 16:9 ratio . . . . . and I'm waiting for the dude to sell him a HDMI cable which would really do nothing (it's a setting on your TV) but he didn't.  

ANYWAY - once I step in and explain things I comment  "Joe Cocker died".  

The dude looks at me and says "I don't know who that is".  sigh.  I explain Woodstock and yada yada and he explains that I'm old (not in those words but you get the idea). 

WELL - by that time there are customers all around waiting for help and I see someone my age-ish and say  "I bet you know who Joe Cocker is".   And they say yes and I say "He died". 

All of a sudden from every corner of electronic section   What? Joe Cocker died?  Joe Cocker? Who died? Joe Cocker?  Joe Cocker died!   Not Jo Cocker!   and I look and the guy is beet red not having a clue who Joe Cocker is.  Then everybody is trying to remember his songs and everyone has forgotten about shopping - it was funny - - - BUT WAIT.

I need to go to Walgreens in Columbus and am freaking hungry so I get a grilled onion Swiss burger at McDonalds and ask the manager - "you know who Joe Cocker is don't you"?  "Nope, never heard of him"  So I ask, have you ever heard of the Beatles?  

In Walgreens I'm picking up some tiny photos and I KNOW the girl has no clue who Joe Cocker is BUT the people at the kiosk will.  So I say, "do you know who Joe Cocker is?" and she says no and I explain Woodstock and she says "Oh, I try to keep up with the oldies but I guess I missed that one".  

WHAT?  Did you just call me old??  (I'm thinking).  sigh.  


So the U.S. did or did not turn off North Korea's Internet for 9 hours. My question is, how can we tell it was "off". They only have electricity for 4 hours a day and only 10 people have the internet. 

In all seriousness though - North Korea is a freaking scary country with a nutball dictator and a finger on nukes (whether they could actually fire them with their Commondor 64s or not is not known).


BUT - speaking of the economy.

FASTEST GROWTH SINCE 3QTR 2003!    5.0% GDP last month.


Want the most caffeine?  By Robusto coffee with the lightest color.  Roasting takes out caffeine. Grind your coffee fine to get the most caffeine, Brew your coffee between 195 and 205 (Keurig only brews at 192).

Best bang for buck at Starbucks - Double Espresso with fine lightly roasted Robusta.  BAM!!!

That's it - have a great Christmas!

Rod and Family!

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