Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Public Enemies Part Deux

I'm in the middle (and when I say middle I mean I have not really started yet) of writing an article about a new movie (film) that will be filmed in Columbus soon. This is being produced by NueveCine, an international film company based out of Guadalajara, Mexico.  They have done filming in US, Mexico, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Israel, and Palestine.  I'll have more once I put the words together and ask a few more questions.

It won't disrupt Columbus as that last little flick that was filmed here and I doubt the lead, Dylan Kleinschmidt, will be as big of a draw as Johnny Depp.  There is no Dylan Kleinschmidt Reads website. 


Sad news for the Milwaukee Bucks, the most surprising team in the NBA.  Jabari Parker, ONE of the Bucks future stars tore his ACL and will be out for the year. Outwardly this is very sad as the Bucks had won 13 games after winning 15 all last year. They were also 17-6 Against the Spread.  HOWEVER - as an optimist is this a bad thing?  

Since this season had nothing to do about actually WINNING since it's basically a collage team, getting into the lottery for another good young player is not a bad thing.  just sayin.

BTW -   NBA = 35-20 AT$


City Council last night was a long one but get this.  Unlike Washington, there can be compromise - so weird.  The snowmobile trail will have some tweaks to neither sides liking. I think we managed to disappoint all sides! Now THAT is compromise! 

Then there is the body cam thing.  I believe almost everybody is pro body cams and even though it won't solve problems it might mitigate future annoyances.  However, with 80% of communities struggling over logistics, cost, 1st amendment and so forth it was the will of the council to step back and watch and learn rather then to boldly go where few communities have gone before. 

I must compliment Chief Meister  in his due diligence on looking into body cams and I hope he keeps up to date on this emerging technology (like that was ever a concern) and I want to give an extreme thank you to the Columbus/Fall River Rotary Club for their donation that was turned down.  

I believe "I" just want to step back and let the dust settle a bit.  Even last night there were new questions about storage and so forth. 

Careful on Park Ave, there will be a new speed limit sign slowing people down.  I was not in agreement as FOR ME this is the most frustrating area in Columbus for drivers and I see tickets in the future as this is a classic "speed it up going out of town" area.   BUT - I was not in a majority so that is fine.  We're all winners aren't we? 


Christmas Window from The WorkShop

 This being the Christmas season I thought I would plagiarize some poems from my moms book "Snapshots Along the Way" which is now in the top 9,626,809 books on Amazon (not bad for zero advertising).  These poems were from my childhood. She would write a Christmas poem every year in the Christmas cards. 

She had compiled all of her poems from childhood to 65 and gave them to my brother and I.  I then compiled them into a book and published them and gave the book to her for Christmas about 10 years ago.

Windows Lights

We were walking home from church  
That cold and moonlit Christmas Eve,
While the chill slipped down a collar here,
And there crept up a sleeve,
Till we pulled our mufflers closer
And we pocketed our hands,
And the snow beneath our footsteps
Creaked like frozen rubber bands.

Our words made wreaths of frosty flowers,
December puffs of bloom.
Muted laughter made the sidewalk
Seem as cozy as a room.
Far away a dog was barking
Like a bell against the night,
When we turned around our corner
And we saw a window light

Window lights shine out a welcome
Far across the dazzled snow,
Shine out warmth and cheer and comfort,
Glimpse of tree and candle glow.
We all stopped and drew together,
There was something serene,
So warm and close and loving
In that simple Christmas scene.

The moment didn't last long.
Someone looked for Santa's sleigh,
Someone asked could we have cocoa,
And we hurried on our way.
But I think we'll all remember now,
However far we roam,
That the truest lights of Christmas
Are the windows of home.


My favorite Christ house in Columbus


Whole lotta news coming out of Cuba!  Major changes in the works.  Stay tuned and bring on the Cuban Cigars!! 

OH - Anybody watched Curb Your Enthusiasm?  GREAT show by Larry David the creator of Seinfeld.  He will not do a last season because of how Seinfeld ended.  "it taught me a lesson that if I ever did another show, I wasn’t going to wrap it up."


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