Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rotary Club Apology

I feel I must apologize to the Columbus Fall River Rotary Club for a comment on a blog last week because someone without a sense of humor cut and pasted the text out of context and sent it to individuals.  The quote was:

"The Rotary Club has decided to make Councils life slightly more hellish as they want to donate body cams to the Columbus Police Department"

Fair enough - The quote SHOULD have read

"The Rotary Club has decided to make Rod Melotte's life slightly more hellish as they want to donate body cams to the Columbus Police Department"

First I want to honestly thank the Fall River Columbus Rotary Club for their donation.

Second - I certainly did not intend to put my personal feelings into others council members brains and I apologize not only to fellow council members but the public.

My point was that "I" am basically a volunteer aldermen for a very small, quiet town in the Midwest that will now grapple with the same problems that professional aldermen in large, much more violent city's such as Madison and Milwaukee are grappling with and we are being asked to be the guinea pigs so we can show Madison and Milwaukee how it's done.  We have so much more information and experience in this sort of thing then they do you know.

That was my point. Maybe it's not always best to be one of the first, maybe it's best to see the mistakes others are making and learn from them, instead of making mistakes and having others learn from us.

Just sayin' my own personal view point.


In other news y'all know I'm sensitive and delicate according to a test I took on facebook last night which is why it hurt me so much when some friends in Sun Prairie emailed me and said I was awarded the TOOL OF THE DAY by another facebook page.

YES!!!!   Another award for my mantel.

Rod Melotte - Tool of the Day


With that said - I do appreciate the kind emails from readers. The one I received yesterday made my day.  If I could share my Tool of the Day Award with all of you I would.

I have gotten some very nice emails lately and I do thank you.


So - Wisconsin lost another coach.  Maybe we can get Jim Harbaugh.


Damn you temperature inversion.  Warm air is just a cloud layer away.


Today I will be hard at work descaling my Keurig for the 3rd time.  It's a 6 hour process that needs to be done every 2 months it seems.  AWESOME!!     The odd thing is . . . . . where is this calcium coming from anyway - don't we have "soft" water?  Why do I get so much buildup??  Inquiring minds want to know (and it's not just me asking).


Guess what!   OIL dropped another 4% in the last few days, it will dip below $60 a barrel soon.


"Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies."

That's all - had to get that apology in.
NBA  31-19   62%

@grinder12000 if you want to follow along.

The Tool!  

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