Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Solstice - yea, good one! More liberal lies!

So I woke up this morning expecting to throw open the blinds to beautiful sun bathing my skin and "The hills are alive" bursting from my lungs.  BUT NOOOOOO!!!  All I see is blackness.  Winter Solstice my butt.  OH - the days will get longer now I kept hearing - NOT AT MY HOUSE!!!  

I know I know - many of you will be shocked when I say this but I was raised as a social liberal and economic agnostic (I don't actually know what that means but it sounds good) but this "liberal" fallacy has been blown way out of proportion.    

Here are the facts!!!!    

Columbus will not gain it's first full minute of "sunlight" until December 24th!!  Yea - so lets not get all excited YET.  Columbus will be at 8:58 minutes of "sunlight" (another fallacy in my book) for 7 days. That's right.  God is on vacation and does not have time to give us what we need.  This sunlight train does not really get rolling until December 30th when we start to gain one minute a day.  

Which brings us to a question.  Where does God go when on vacation??.   Well, I Googled it and it seems it's the Bahamas or Saturn's Rings. 


I'm only going to say this once, unless you are on Facebook (Melotte Photo Imagery) or on my email list  Rod's ever growing email list  but I can get a deal on calendars (2015) and if anyone wants' one for $16, email me and I'll order some. Rod's secret email   (I'll erase that in a day or two if I remember).

Order goes out Friday and I'll mail the calendar to you when I get them. Don't worry about $$ yet, I just need to know how much to order.  

I have no idea what photos I'll put on this calendar so it's a crap shoot.  I would love to make one every year but they are expensive.  SO - let me know BEFORE Friday when the sale ends.   


Don't let Putin fool you. Russia is in full economic crisis!  Interest rates are now at 17%.  Major banks are thinking of downgrading Russian debt to "junk" status.   Compared to Columbus's A1 status we are sitting pretty and I have a plan.  I will talk to the Mayor about Columbus BUYING Russia since it's cheap right now and I think we could turn it around.  We could have a Mullins East! 


Gun Control.   I'm not anti gun. I'm anti-needing a gun but not anti gun.  All this "I need a gun to keep my family safe" is BS.  What! do you keep the gun on a table ready for action?  No - if you are a smart gun owner you lock it away.  SO - a bugler enters your house and wants to kill your family. First thing you do is run to your locked gun locker, find the key or enter the combination if you can remember it, then run back upstairs where he is waiting and blast him (or her sorry that was not politically correct).  

BUT anyway - what tweaked this part of my brain was the old "don't mess with the 2nd amendment" argument and "'if you take away our guns only outlaws will have guns" and I say, if only outlaws had guns thousands of children would still be alive.    


Amy and Maya
OH - a BIG BIG congratulations to Maya and Amy, two food scientists (actually candy scientists) from UW-Madison that after racing 26,000 miles through 8 countries in 30 days won the Amazing Race, what I consider the most physically demanding hardest non-scripted show on TV.  They were the underdogs all the way and the only leg they won was the final one.  The other teams called them low hanging fruit, don't worry about them.  

This race was the ultimate hare vs tortoise where the tortoise had the brain power and made very very few mistakes. They are the 1st all female team to ever win Amazing Race in 25 seasons and the 2nd team from Madison to win.  

It was interesting to watch because before the show CH3 interviewed them and asked if they would do it again.  The said YES, in a heartbeat. Which told me they did not come in last with a bad experience.  

Then in the first 4 or 5 episodes they were really not on camera much which told me either they are either REAL boring or will get more camera time later.  The later came true. 

Bethany Hamilton
Lot's of injuries this time from one woman getting stabbed in the foot in some nasty poop ridden area in eh Philippians, a sprained ankle, Amy almost getting heat stroke in Manilla, one contestant slipping 600 feet above the ground on a wire   

And I gotta say it. Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer who had her arm bitten off by a shark, was AMAZING!!   OMG - there was not one thing she could not do better then two armed contestants.  All of the teams were in awe.  

In February Survivor Season 30 and Amazing Race Season 26 will be back to back.  Survivor will have three tribes,  Blue Collar, White Collar and No Collar,  Amazing Race will have 10 sets of couples, HOWEVER, these couples have not met each other yet. The ultimate blind date! 



May your house be full of Christmas
Long before the day appears.
May it's glow light up the season
And then linger through the years.

Make you wake to birdsong daily
Feeling blessed by morning light,
And know the peace of work well done
Before you sleep each night.

May your friends be always near you
When you need them by your side,
May your children bless their home
And life your hearts with pride.

May you walk the earth with pleasure,
May the skis be kind above,
May your hearts reflect your hearthfire
And your lives be warm with love! 

         --E.V. Melotte

Since I believe most people read this from work or find it in the spam email - have a very merry holiday season and Thank You. 

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