Friday, January 16, 2015

André Rieu, Anthony Hopkins, Dean Kamen

DEAN KAMEN IS ALIVE!!!!  Who knew.  I seriously thought he was dead and was sad.

Kamen is known for creating the Segway which people laugh at but having been on one on a golf course they are amazing.  But Kamen has done so much more inventing it's crazy.

The Slingshot water purification system which requires no filters and can operate using cow dung as fuel and is making clean water in 3rd world countries.  It can go 5 years without maintenance and creates 270 gallons a day of clean drinkable water.  ON POOP!!

He invented the AutoSyringe which is now standard equipment on portable dialysis machines, and insulin pumps.

The DEKA Arm System,  a prosthetic arm replacement that gives our returning solders much more fine motor control than the traditional prosthetic limbs. And lets not forget the iBOT, an all-terrain electric wheelchair, which uses the same gyroscopic balancing technologies that the Segway uses.  A wheelchair that can climb steps and raise it's user to eye level. And you can not tip it over.

ANYWAY - He ain't dead.  Seems the Segway company was purchased by a guy and a while later HE drove his Segway off a cliff.  Not Kamen.


NOTE - a new speed limit on an outer section of Park Avenue (25). I was against setting a new limit because I felt it was change for the sake of change with no real bonus.  BUT - it's hard to quantify that without actual data. Slower is always better I suppose.

HOWEVER - do you know how the Federal Highway Administration makes a speed limit?

Traffic engineers conduct a study and measure how fast the average driver cruises on the road. People know how safe they need to drive. We are not stupid.  THEN a speed limit is set at the 85th percentile. From then on, 85% of drivers will drive under the speed limit and 15% will be breaking the law.

Speed limits are determined by what MOST people feel is safe and that has many factors WHICH I feel are being ignored by the DOT when it comes to the 16/60 reconstruction.  The DOT wants to move traffic, they don't want to slow down traffic, they want to move it. Having alternate side parking every other block in Columbus on the 16/60 reconstruction is a BRILLIANT outside the box idea and would slow down traffic.  DOT does not want that!  They want a wide fast road.

We need to get tough with the DOT on what WE want.  They want to move traffic, we need to make our citizens safe.

Speaking of the reconstruction.  Trees downtown.  As far as I know right now they are still in the mix and there is another reason we will need trees!  Sound.  With cement as the carpet we will drive on, cement is louder the blacktop and trees will help minimize the sound level.

Not real fond of the new lighting choices but things are still forming. Not that the new lights are "bad". Just more like any town USA that wants default antique lights. I think every town in teh area will have the same lights.  I say spend a little more money for something that makes Columbus special.  Look at the new Johnson Street in Madison - Magnificent.  Lighting is like art. Do you want Walmart art in a beautiful downtown?

We're picking lights for the next 50 years.   OK - I don't know what I got on that tangent.      


André Rieu - what can I say about this musician. I have seen ALL of his DVD's multiple times as my father in law loves him but I had not seen this.  Seems Sir Anthony Hopkins had a former life.  A musician and he wrote a waltz which André performed.


Weather in Seattle is going to be nasty for the big game.  Rain most of the game and windy.  I think this helps the Packers.  Bad weather always helps the inferior team and I would rather have Rodgers in bad weather then Wilson.  If the Packers can concentrate MORE on the run  . . . .

Packers have the best offense in the league, 2nd passing and 5th rushing,  Seattle 5th, 10th passing 4th rushing. But Seattle has the best defense, 3rd passing 2nd rushing and Packers 16th, 11th passing, 24th against the rush.

According to Football Outsiders which are creepy good at predicting has Sea vs. NE a 44% chance for the Super Bowl.   GB vs. NE as a 25% chance.  GB has a 36% chance of winning Sunday.  Packers are a huge 8.5 point underdog.


In other news - Google has stopped selling Google Glasses.


In 1919 on this date Prohibition started with the 18 Amendment prohibiting the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes" and the catalyst for the beginning of organized crime.

In 1991 the first Persian Gulf war begins.  I had the flu. Weird how some parts of your life you remember.

Sick Leave - 39% of Americans do not receive sick leave and are forced to work when sick. Most restaurants and food industry workers do not have sick leave and work on YOUR food, sick.

WOW - did you see the blow back in Madison when the Madison Police Department had a listening session talking about body cams. NOT something people in Madison want at all it seems.  Not passing judgement, I was a little surprised.


Nuff for this Friday!


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