Friday, January 30, 2015

Big news coming from Mullins

Mayor Kelly is keeping us all in the dark about some exciting news coming to Mullins this summer but this reporter has secretly found out that the entire Columbus Football team have all been hired by an unknown entity.

Furthermore, Caldwell lumber has been selling an odd amount of lumber lately and I believe I have found the reason. 

Columbus Cardinals Football Team hard at work

BOOM - NAILED IT!  Viking River Cruise up and down the Crawfish River.

Take your family on this historic cruise with Mullins fine cuisine.  Imagine a summer night at sunset as you drift past the ball diamonds of Meister Park, gaze in wonder at the Columbus Chemical Industry and throw leftover french fries to packs of dogs at the Columbus Countryside Vet Clinics dog park. Then have the whole family jump into the water and join the football team when you enter the Columbus Wetland and Hunting Grounds and splashing with glee and singing songs turn the boat around.  And that is only the less expensive Northern Tour.

For the full experience of The Historic Mullins River Tour you can help portage over the damn Dam and gently glide south passing the Columbus Waste Water facility where "it all happens" and as you sip your 3rd rootbeer float (the 4th one is always free) gaze at the breathtaking wonder of the Sennview Farms.      

And finally 4 hours later you end at the Danville Mill where you will be herded off the boat and loaded into cattle cars especially cleaned for the return ride.  An adventure that will be talked about for a long long time. 


 Andrew Jackson was a 13 year old in the Revolutionary War and captured by the British for helping the wrong cause.  He and his brother were starved and when one officer told him to clean his shoes Jackson told the Officer where he could stuff his shoes. The British Officer took out his sword and took a swing at Jackson slicing his hand and clipping his scull.

OH - The Oneida Tribe was the first in the Indian Nation to help colonists in the American Revolution and walked over 70 miles with sacks of food to feed the solders in Valley Forge. The Indians decided the Colonists were their best hope for a peaceful nation where Indians and Colonists could coexist in peace.  Looking back, seems they picked the wrong team.

For us old guys that remember Nam.  The Tet Offensive began on this day in 1968.  America was totally blindsided on that one.  It ended as a huge win for America military but a huge psychological victory for the communists.


What is up with gas prices - I can't pay $1.99 a gallon - that is ridiculous!


The Columbus Police department gave out 153 warning tickets in the month ending January 12th, not sure what for but is this a kinder Police Department?

Have a great weekend - snow coming Sunday 1 to 3 inches . . .or a blizzard! 

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