Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Councils 2nd listening session

Council had it's 2nd listening session last night and there were even more in attendance then the first time. I believe there were 14.  I was sort of blob-like suffering from flu-like symptoms without actually having the flu. Something I ate?  Tiny Flu?  

The first question was a strange one.  "If a person does not have the internet, does not have cable and does not get the newspaper, how are we suppose to find out what is going on in Columbus".

ummmmmm!  Well, that is an EXCELLENT question.  How does one answer that? I suggested a town crier.

I know the new city website is being talked about and is a long ways away still (sigh!) along with Facebook page and so forth but that is all internet related.  We could staple news to light poles?

One thing that was talked about was the lack of things to do for middle school and adults in Columbus. It all boiled down to a lack of facilities. It's almost like we need a new High School. There are no adult basketball or volleyball leagues because there are no available gyms.

Something that is being kicked around as a vision for the far future is building a combined Senior Center/Youth Center/Library next to the City Hall. We need a new library as ours is embarrassingly small for our size of town with no room to expand. We have no youth center so why not combined them into one multi-use facility!   

While my partners on counsel are concerned with roads and infrastructure (and rightly so) my agenda has always been trying to make Columbus a place where people enjoy themselves. Bike paths, disc golf, skate board park, events like Ale and Arts and the Horse and Carriage Festival, things to do!  It's important for people in Columbus to get out and meet other people and enjoy what we have.

Happy citizens bring business. Would you move you company to a town where people are bored and unhappy?    

I would LOVE to have a group of middle schoolers and high schoolers have their own committee and at some point come in front of counsel and tell us what THEY need to make Columbus a better place. Adults seem to ignore what kids need as we are so concerned with adult things.

OH - Speaking of disc golf. I'm going to meet with Mike at Glide Disc Golf in Madison about how best to organize some sort of Disc Golf League for Columbus.

Also talked about was the actual Council Chambers and the lack of microphones with lights. We all seem to talk over each other, it's chaos and not the first time this has been mentioned.

Not sure it's been mentioned but the so called "elevator fund" to make the pavilion ADA accessible is moving forward with blinding speed and money is being raised right and left. This project is coming to fruition rapidly.  Although more donations are always needed, we aren't there YET!

Roads were not a big concern for this group. Hopefully the public has come to understand that its a work in progress and not something for the back burner for "next year".  But economic development downtown was a concern. Not an easy fix as this is something that all small towns are having problems with.

As more strip malls and big box stores go up on the outskirts they take away downtown business. Towns like Columbus need to retool what their downtown's are used for.  I hear people say "We used to have a JC Penny downtown".  Yea - well, those days are gone. My vision is unique shops that bring in outside money.  That is why Motoclasico is a great fit for Columbus. They won't make a lot of money on Columbus residents but will bring in outside tourist dollars and at the same time help out Hydro Street and other eating establishments.

We have 1000 outside tourist a week go to the antique mall and I see many walking around town looking in closed store windows or just butt ugly windows. Every shop that is open helps.

I think I'll walk the downtown and take photos of ugly stores windows and publicly humiliate them  

The Police Department was talked about. Too many speeders AND too many speeding tickets given out!  hmmmmmmm  Plus the useless speed radar out by the hospital.  Not sure why it's out there when the main complaint is speeding down the hill James Street.  That is the easiest place to speed in Columbus. 
 I heard talking heads on TV  saying we are in for a great stretch of weather.  Well . . . . . . I'm not as optimistic as they are. Yea we are ramping up to upper 30s on Saturday with a few more clouds and a dapple of sunlight but "great"?  upper 20s is "nice"  not "great". Maybe some snow early middle of next week.


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