Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feeling better

Check this out.  

That is one mammoth storm from just off the east coast of the U.S. all the way to Europe.  

This is a screen shot of a weather app I have that shows the world almost in real time. They say that planes were landing an hour early NYC to London. One pilot said it was like surfing in a 747. 

The app is called Living Earth, its a weather app but sort of redundant on most things. But this is sweet.


Did I ramble a lot yesterday? I'm fighting flu like symptoms.  Not enough to be "sick",  just uncomfortable.  DJ is down for the count with something. While I'm fighting the good fight I think she just through in the towel.

Looking at yesterdays post - Of course there are more reason for being on city council. After whining for 6 years about city government it was time to get off my butt and trying to fix the downtown has always been big on my list of things to do (thus being in CDA before I was on council).   I have done a LOT of reading on how to fix downtown problems and the main thing I have learned is  . . it's not easy and it does not happen overnight AND, it's typically up to the people that own the buildings on whether they want to thrive or just survive.

We have a lot of survivors and not enough thrivers. But it is SLOWLY changing.  I'm optimistic.  

Note - feel better this morning and DJ slept for 18 straight hours and feels better.

Two things I forgot to mention yesterday - one was a very very touching gentleman who wanted to thank the senior center for being there. His wife passed away and the center gave him a place to go.  I am a huge proponent of the senior center and feel it is a very very important part of the community.

Also the No Right Turn sign on 16/60 onto Dix.  Seems to be working and people are exiting P&S//KwikTrip much faster.  Way to go!   


I did my first real print of this. Looks great and will be in shows this year. Looks much better in person. 


There is a restaurant in China that is letting the 50 most attractive people eat for free.  Customers are scanned and the images are sent to a team of plastic surgeons who rate the images while people eat. The 50 best get free food.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong.


Is this the end of OPEC?  Yea - I'm obsessed over oil. I remember when you could not BUY gas. Gas stations were closed - sorry - no gas.

We are in a period that people should remember all their lives. This is amazing.  The world of oil is going to be chaotic for a while with OPEC saying "we are not cutting production, you are".  Sooner or later the markets will stabilize but that ain't going to happen anytime soon.

There are so many moving parts it's crazy.  For one thing demand is low.  So many vehicles are fuel efficient including aircraft and so forth.  Any adjustments will have to come from the supply side with oil fields shutting down but that won't be a big issue for a while.

There are two new big sources of oil.  The Canadian tar sands and U.S. fracking.  Both cost a lot but with the Canadian tar sands you need a huge huge front end investment and then it's pretty cheap and will last a long time. With US fracking it's pretty cheap but each well only lasts a year and then you need to drill again.

So while new wells are being put on hold wells that are in the process of being built still have a year plus of production so supply will continue to out weigh demand for at least another year.

On the demand side less efficient vehicles are already hitting the market with SUV sales booming and airlines canceling orders for new efficient planes but that will only have a moderate influence on price.

It is said that over the next 3 or 4 years prices should stabilize in the $60-75 a barrel but at the moment - we should continue to see gas prices fall.

This is killing Russia who many now think they will have 17% inflation this year.  One thing is that terrorists arm themselves with revenues from oil. This has to be a problem for those guys.  

Sorry for going on and on.  This oil thing fascinates me. It's a huge stimulus to the American economy while at the same time is hurting the environment.


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