Thursday, January 8, 2015

Green Bay Packers - Best team ever in the NFL

I was asked by a magazine to do a small article on the Badger Motor Car Company. Columbus's own auto manufacture.  There are scant words out there that talk about this giant of a company that lasted from 1910 to 1911 in Columbus.  All I know is that they kept their cars on the 3rd floor of the largest canning company in the nation at one point, the Columbus Canning Company (purchased by Stokley).

$1600 in 1910 is about $38,000 in today's money.

If anyone knows where I can find more then 10 words of info show me the path to find it! 


On September 25th 2011 Aaron Rodgers threw 3 touchdown passes and beat the Bears. The significance of that, besides beating the Bears  is that on that date was that in the history of the Packers they had now scored a cumulative margin of victory of 2991 more points then their opponents surpassing the former all time team leader of . . . . The Bears.

And they have not looked back since.


I've been geeking out with my new weather station.  Can't get the wind interments up on the roof yet but got somethings going.  The temp and Barometer are working.  Red is outside temps. 

After Friday we should have a long slow warmup to the 30s by NEXT weekend.  There are no weather systems coming our way, no snow or surprises . . . well . . . you can't predict surprises I guess. 


Why is it my car smells like it's dumping gas when it gets REALLY cold! I thought I spilled gas on me yesterday but nope!   hmmmmmmm

If anyone is looking to read an around the world adventure there is a good one going on right now. 

Jor Axani was about to go on a world wide tour with his girl friend when they broke up.  Since he had tickets already it would have been a mammoth problem getting names switched for a new traveling partner. SO - he put out an ad,  anyone with the same exact name as his former girlfriend could go with him on a world tour - for free - no strings attached.  And he found someone.

Oddly the guy has my writing style down exactly (except he knows how to spell)

It's been full of adventure, missing trains being spotted all around the world (hey you are those two people).  It's actually pretty entertaining. Join Jor and Quinn on their adventure.  The are in Italy at the moment, lost of photos and stories!


Stay warm - it will all be over soon!  

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