Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I've been a game player all my life and there is a board game that is rocking the world called Twilight Struggle that has been rocking the board game world now for 9 years.  Even better then Settlers of Catan.  It's a two player card-driven strategy game with its theme taken from the Cold War simulating the forty-five year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the Soviet Union and the United States.

 No - I have not played it and I do not own stock in FireAxis the creator!  Just a very intriguing board game which I will have to buy.  Just curious if anyone else has had the opportunity to play it.


Great news from City Council - the Governors Mansion will become a go to place for all sorts of events IF the vote passes (gotta say IF as I was reamed and scolded for saying the Council was going to turn down the gift of body cams  - the final vote was 6-0 so I was close to being right).  So IF council passes a zoning ordinance the Governors Mansion we will have another viable business.

In other news - I'm only saying this because I hate it when people vote against the grain and no one knows why.  So I want explain why I voted NAY on the snowmobile restrictions.  Not trying to talk anybody into anything and my vote lost which is how things work.

The vote was about restricting ALL snowmobiles in Columbus from 10pm to 7am so then can not enter the city to spend money.  Anti-tourism in my view. And if you don't think a snowmobile is tourist I say they are the very definition of tourist - bringing outside money INTO Columbus is never a bad thing.

Each sledder spends about $50 when they stop - other more progressive communities actually WANT them in their city. I've talked to a number of communities who encourage sledders and have trails going through their city for gas, food, beer.  They have told me it's a small boost to the economy for a month. 

But the MAIN reason I voted NAY (besides not wanting to be a flip flopper on my original FIRST vote) is that I believe it was unfair to tell the club that you do not even have one chance to fix assumed problems.

Being annoyed with noise was the biggest complaint and while the pavilion in my district can be loud, bothering residences on weekends until 12:00, a snowmobile can not go past a house for 15 seconds after 10:00 in another district.  The excuse was the pavilion is special.  I say noise is noise, the pavilion does not have special noise. Shouldn't noise be the same for all districts?

OH - I might have voted FOR the restrictions next year with no problem.  But I'm a real liberal, not a Madison liberal who are only liberal as long as you agree with them and if you don't agree you are asked to leave.  I feel you should pay it forward and give a second chance's.

So that is why - my personal opinion.  I won't vote just to go along with the crowd, I have to vote how I feel about something even if it is not popular.  I hear I was bashed on Facebook pretty harshly by one aldermen for expressing my views which is sad as I respect all views, I might not agree with other views but I won't call out someone and belittle his views.  That is why we vote, you don't get angry, you vote. One side wins and one side loses - move on.

BUT - that's over - as I said I lost.  Move'n on.  I'm disappointed but certainly not angry. Life is way way too short to get angry

In other news we had a presentation on Fire Departments as Columbus really needs a larger Fire Department but first I feel we need to buy a new truck as the old truck (pictured right) should be replaced soon.

We also could used more personal equipment to insure our firefighters who are entering burning buildings are safe.

When entering a burning apartment late at night and you wake up to pounding on your door and when you get up you see this. . .

I might just slam that door shut real fast!! 

Nuff said.

OH - I have half of my weather station up and working. No wind yet as I can not get on my roof but the temp and humidity are working. It reaffirms my thinking - yup - it's cold out!

See ya!


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