Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I think almost all the Packers can take a little blame on The Letdown . . except Mason Crosby.  I was blaming Burnett for dropping to the ground on that interception but Peppers was telling him to take a fall.  I think Peppers is still playing for the Bears as a mole!

The one guy that should be fired is the Special Teams coach. WTF.  Was he the only guy in America that did not know Seattle gets tricky on Field Goals?  Josh was yelling WATCH OUT FOR A TRICK!! WATCH OUT FOR A TRICK!! The players (who should also be blamed) said there was no urgency on watching out for a trick, it was not mentioned.

Rodgers did not play a great game and one of his interceptions was do to him THINKING he had a free play.  No flag was thrown!  BASICALLY the old saying about playing 60 minutes was proven.


Council (OH - I know some people cringe at this point LOL).  One thing that was brought forward was that Governor Walker wants to take our room tax away and give to the Department of Tourism instead of letting cities use it. Pretty much defunding all of our events in Columbus. We won't know until his budget comes out but that is on the table. The State is in such financial chaos it's crazy.  I have no idea how he got elected.

People wonder why the 151/73 bridge near the hospital is in such condition. Ask the DOT who is hundreds of millions in debt. HOPEFULLY it will be fixed this summer. My wife is working mandatory 45 hour weeks now because DOC can't afford to hire people.  Yet - we need a smaller government? He wants to put 10,000 more people on unemployment by getting rid of government?

I guess a government job is not a REAL job.  I think if you get a paycheck  . . it's a job.

Sorry - if you work in government you can see just how bad things are.


Maybe this will put a smile on your face.  A friend from Australia sent this to me to see if I could fix it up a little.  If you have any photos that you want tweaked to give it a little extra pizzazz or a complete makeover. Send it to me. !!


In other news - The Auditorium - I've had some questions on what is happening with the auditorium and the answer is they have been waiting for the understaffed State to get their act together and get their 501C3 designation going.  Takes a few months to rubber stamp something. However they have been doing things behind the scenes.

They will have a comedian perform at the Cardinal Ale house as a fund raiser on March 21st.  Remember they wanted to have a world renown cellist perform IN the Auditorium a few months ago but the lawyers got involved and there were insurance/safety problems.

They have a list of 1200 "fund" foundations that are starting to be contacted along with a Kickstarter campaign (hey, if a guy can raise $55,000 to make his first potato salad we can get SOMETHING!!)

They are moving forward even though The State is tying their hands. 

Looking for information on the 16/60 reconstruction project?  James Street Reconstruction  It's rather dry, obviously not written by a blogger.

Winter Sleigh Rally - February 14

A report last night saying Columbus had guests from all over the country for the Columbus Horse and Carriage event.  It's one of the largest events of it's kind in America and a very very important event in their world.

The Governor Lewis Mansion is moving forward with blinding speed and will become a major event venue starting this summer.  The Garwick's have been inundated with calls on events, mostly weddings.  If you have never been inside this house it is stunning and a museum of Columbus history.  Picture  "Gone With the Wind"  style weddings. This could be a boost to downtown.  Perhaps have a some sort of wedding shop open on James Street?

Ordinance's had to be tweaked and changed to allow this as there were parking restrictions.  There has been one wedding last summer and buses were used and this is how the idea came to fruition.

Now they are looking into all sorts of classy events and of course using all local goods and getting people downtown.  It's exciting.     

There is trouble on the streets in Columbus - to many times cars are passing on the right going outbound next the The Kurth.  A crossing guard was hit a few years ago and local residents are seeing problems all the time so as a first measure "we" are putting those red flags on each side of the road for children to carry so they can be seen.

The Columbus Library is taking out a book shelf to install more computer terminals.  Our library is embarrassingly small for a town our size AND it is getting national recognition for our "Libraries Transforming Communities" project having photos in National Publications.    


Yesterday was chaos on a personal level.  I was BANNED FOR LIFE from a sports forum for talking about having my own forum.  Actually a guy contacted me and we were talking about my stats and he mentioned that maybe I should not be posting my NBA picks on a public forum and I asked him what his background was because he sounded smart.  "I'm a quantitative analyst for a Wall Street firm". WELL - he sounded smarter then me "a dude on the internet with an idea that is working".

So I was kicking around the idea and people on the public forum liked it and BAM!!! BANNED FOR LIFE.

WELL - the shit hit the fan and I was getting literally hundreds of emails and tweets saying "let in into your forum".  I was afraid to look at my emails.  It was like the walking dead pounding on my door!  I guess when you have 130,000 page views since November 1st there is more then 100 people watching .   

Here is the funny thing. I have people from all over the world, Estonia, Finland, Australia and one guy contacted me and said - HEY - you are from Columbus Wisconsin.  I have been following you for 2 months - I'm from Portage!!!    Small world.

That's my story for today.                      

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