Monday, January 19, 2015

Pulling Green and Gold out of my cats BUTT

So just to add insult to injury on yesterdays worst collapse in NFL history that I'm not even going to talk about.

Sofie our cat was caught eating a pom pom that the kids used when a TD is scored.  She thinks it's spaghetti or something.

ANYWAY I see this morning that she has something non her but and upon further investigation it's an inch of green and gold pom pom.  I grab it and pull another 8 inches of Green, Gold and brown OUT OF HER BUTT!! 

Somehow that fit my mood, seems appropriate.  No photos were taken. 

Only thing I go is my weather station, or the first part is up on the net 

With the snow off the roof my goal is to get the rest up today which will capture wind data.

OH - notice the new thingy on the right with weather. 

Well, I'm not quite finished reading Killing Patton which is a really good book but my cyber library loan is up and BAM - it's gone.  Now I'm back in like with 116 other people waiting to check it out again.  Or 143 in line for the hard copy.  Or I could buy it for $30   hmmmmmmm

I tell ya - I really dislike Papa Bear (Bill O'Reilly) but he's a darn good writer.  Very conflicting. 

it's all I want to say

See ya

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