Tuesday, January 13, 2015


You can now get digital magazines from the Columbus Library  . . if you have a library card.  Some good ones. Just check them out like you would digital books.  It's awesome. 

It's so weird.  On Facebook I found a long lost friend from when I worked for the Madison Muskies.  I ran the scoreboard the first couple years and I can't remember what Mike did.  He was in the press box also though.    

But before the Packer game I posed this image on my Melotte Photo Imagery Facebook page. 

He contacted me and asked if I took this photo and I said yes.  He replied that he got this as a present a few years ago.  So weird. That has happened twice now. 

I've finalized my art fairs this year  . . . if I get accepted. The new Hilldale Fair June 13th, Spring Green 27-28, Art Fair on The Square  July 11-12 (if that falls through Lake Mills the following weekend)  Paoli August 8th and Agora in Fitchburg August 15th.

A new thing in Portage I'm applying for is really cool.  It's called "Art that Blooms" at the Portage Center for Arts. You submit a piece of art and then poets write poems about it PLUS floral artists create a floral arrangement around it.  Too cool!   Free to the public.    

Art Fair on the Square will be a reach - I don't think my canopy has that WOW factor.  Costs $545 to enter.  I  can only submit 3 images for the jury.  I think I'll go man cave as I don't see a lot of man cave art work at AFotF.  Gotta be different.

Or maybe

I gotta take that truck out of there.


After a day of reading and listening to talking sports heads it's a shame The Catch is getting all the attention.  No one is talking about how awesome one legged Rodgers was or how Dallas was out coached by Green Bay.  Going into halftime 10-14 is MUCH different then 7-17 and the second half GB started moving Cobb around and confused Dallas.

OH OH - True story - Packers driving for hopefully a touchdown. DJ and Jenny both start chanting RODGERS TO RODGERS, RODGERS TO RODGERS, RODGERS TO RODGERS, . . . and guess what happens on the very next play!!!  talk about an extra celebration.

It reminds me of when we were celebrating balderdahs's birthday at Miller park. There were 60 of us and a competition for picking the sausage races in order.  She picked ALL of them in the correct order.    


Scientists have finally figured out what wiped out the Mayan Civilization. A 100 year drought.


Did I mention oil is plunging today?  Maybe I should just automatically put that in every day.


We are ALMOST in the armpit of winter.  The average high has been 27 for 11 days and will go UP to 28 on January 26th.  However the average low is still going down. We go to the lowest of 4  on Thursday and won't go up to 5 until the 22nd.  But who cares about the average low, I'm sleeping.  So the 26th is when we start to climb again.

With that said we have gained 19 minutes of daylight since we hit our low and will gain another 37 minutes by end month.  In fact today we gain 2 minutes for the 1st time (rounding and all that).


On this day in 2008 the writers strike canceled the Golden Globes.  But the real loser were the American TV watchers.  Deadwood was canceled ending the best TV show ever.  The Mole was canceled ending one of the best reality shows ever, but giving Anderson Cooper a chance for greater things.

Wyatt Earp died in 1929, after the gunfight at the OK coral Wyatt  wandered around the west, ran a saloon in San Francisco and did the whole gold rush thing in Alaska and ran a saloon in Nome.  He returned to Los Angeles and became an unpaid technical consultant on Hollywood Westerns.

He didn't become famous until after he died.


Grabbed this from the 538 website.  Something I have been reading is that Walker is not  as well known as we Wisconsinites are led to believe.  I saw one chart where he is the least known of all Republicans.

Basically Walker appeals to the Tea Party group.

Outta here! I might go to my sad place when I start talking Wisconsin Politics.

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