Monday, January 26, 2015

Say good bye to Boston

Wait - I bet it will be in teh news a LOT in the coming days as a bombogenisis will pummel the east coast.  It's the perfect storm.  Remember that dusting we had Saturday night? That is the trigger for the snow event.  That little storm will move over the Atlantic and lift up moisture and blow it into the jet stream over the east coast.  This is a historic storm that will happen on the coast with hurricane winds sucking in moisture.

Right now Boston could be getting 24+ inches. NYC 12-18 inches.  Hurricane hunters have been out over the water (they do not fly over land) trying to get more info.  This will be awesome fun to watch . . . from a distance. 


3 months in the making but I have an image 8 foot image that will be going up in a hospital in Madison. 

Also a new image is up in Hydro Street.  This what our water tower would look like inside if we ever fixed it up. taken in Fort Atkinson next to my old high school this was built about the same time as our tower and is the same model . . I believe.    

HA - online my weather station says it Feels Like 15.100000000000001 °F

Really?  I thought it felt more like Feels Like 15.100000000000002 °F  but what do I know.

Napoli's has reopened with a soft opening last Friday.  I talked to Goni the new manager and their menu will be ABOUT the same.  Pizza delivery will be in the future  (insurance papers) and there is no liqueur licence yet but they are open for business.

gotta run.

Have a great Monday - drive safe 

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