Monday, January 12, 2015

Schoolchildren Blizzard of 1888

Guess what - Oil is plunging this morning.  Goldman Sachs has the 6 month price target at $39.  Anything below $40 and fracking no longer is a money maker and will start to shut down. The great American Oil bust continues and oil rigs in the gulf are already shutting down.

OH - there was a football game yesterday - what  game. Andrew Luck was amazing!   OH - Packers?  I tell ya - a lot of people in almost the entire nation are whining about THE CALL but you know - it all evens out. Packers were screwed in Seattle and got the call in Green Bay, Detroit was screw in Dallas and so on.  It all evens out.  Or . . .is it . . . . karma. 

I think it was a good call (of course). If Bryant would have reached a LITTLE more going for the goal line he would have looked like he as in control but to me he was ABOUT to reach but not quite.  But of course I think that!  


In 1888 the Schoolchildren Blizzard killed 235 mostly kids in the Northwest Plains. Reports say the temperature dropped 100 degrees in 24 hours. In North Dakota the day was unusually warm and when arctic air mass plunged from Canada bringing the temperature to -40F.  In Omaha Nebraska the temperature rose to 28 degrees before plunging to -40.   

Many children were killed running home from school at 2:00.  One report said one teacher tried to lead children to safety 90 yards away but with white out conditions they became lost.   


For anyone that cares there will be a city council listening session at the Senior center Tuesday night!  


Lot's of cool business things happening in Columbus.  The Firemans Tap has been sold with lots of things happening in that location. Sounds like a liqueur licence is being looked into for the former Napoli's, and the owners of the Governors Mansion are moving forward to make it into a bonafide Event/Wedding Destination which will being a lot of people to Columbus and of course Motoclasico will open in the spring featuring vintage motorcycle's and accessories.  James Dean weddings? 
Gonna get WARM!!  upper 30s by Saturday - zero snow.


NBA - 53-36  59.6% 


Watched "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" again - that is a real good movie!! Highly recommended for a feel good movie - beautiful scenery, good music, nice script.


I hope everyone got their calendars - WHO KNEW mailing would cost $3.00+ a pop!!  Lesson learned.  

A lot of people have asked me why I don't sell this normally. The reason is I don't want to compete with the city's Historical Calendar.  Plus I don't want to order 50 and have 30 left over.  

I can still order some if anyone wants one but it will take a couple weeks so you miss January.  I'll put another order in Friday.  The thick is getting a sale. Otherwise calendars are sort of expensive unless you order a few hundred.  Just let me know -   $16

OH - January photo.

OK,  I have nothing else.


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