Thursday, February 12, 2015


brrrrrrrrr - Just a word of warning if you are out and about Saturday!  The high temperature Saturday will be midnight Friday. The temp at noon will be 5 degrees with a steady 25 MPH wind with wind chills in the -17 area and then going down.

just sayin

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a report that FitBits, FueldBands, and other wearable fitness trackers are pretty inaccurate and on average are 22% off on the number of steps you take.  In fact they report that smartphones are much more accurate.  Wristbands are 22% inaccurate smartphones were 6% inaccurate.

BUT, smartphones are harder to carry.  Seems the benefits of wrist bands are more of a placebo effect which is not a bad thing. anything you can do to be healthier is always a bonus. As JAMA contends you know how how much exercise you are doing anyway.

Fritz Cline as Lincoln

Which reminds me of a new device I believe a company in Japan has invented.  A happiness meter. This devise using all sorts of data gives you a number to tell you how happy you are.  This is useful for people that are so out of touch with their emotions they need a number so they know when they are happy.


Seems our School Supt came in second in his bid to move to Ferguson. They picked the other Davis.


Happy Birthday Abe.

If you remember your schoolin Abe was the 16th President of the United States.

if you want a real treat for your family visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield ILL.  It is really an amazing place - not like any museum you have ever been to before.

Worth every penny.


OK - I'm bored!  Movin on!



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