Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cardinal Ale House closed

The biggest news is The Cardinal Ale House closing yesterday until further notice. Didn't pay their bills it sounds like and lots of wedding receptions and party's are in limbo and I doubt they will get their money back.

Well, they only had two ales anyway.  Should have been Cardinal Lager House.  But nevertheless it's a sad state of affairs. Maybe Doc will open up the bowling alley above The Capri like the good ol' days.   


More snow today - a long slow little storm.  Maybe starting about 1:00 and lasting to tomorrow mid morning - 1-3 inches. 


Jimmy the Ground Hog bit the Mayor of Sun Prairies ear.  Don't blame Jimmy.  I'm pretty sure the ear looked pretty tasty. I think the person holding the rodent NEXT to his ear needs a background check. 

Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed on this day in 1959. Don McLean memorialized Holly, Valens and Richardson in the 1972 No. 1 hit "American Pie,".  I remember that song VERY well because I was on the tennis team in high school and ran the hallways after school and our coach played that song 12 FREAKING times in a row.


The Wisconsin gas tax is 30.9 cents a gallon more then some states less then many and has not changed since 2006. In 2002 it was 28.1 cents.   It is the single largest revenue for the DOT which will have a  $6.8 billion  funding shortfall over the next 10 years.

The problem is America is using much less gas then 10 years ago as car get better and better gas mileage. Combined with inflation and so forth the tax money we WERE getting is not enough for the Wisconsin infrastructure.  Look at the 151/73 exit by the hospital. That is state road, not Columbus.

So our governor decided that instead of taxing the people that actually USE the roads he will cut funding to other things like health care and schools.  OH - don't get me wrong, I don't WANT to pay more at the pump but I would like bridges to not collapse and roads to be fixed. I kicked up a piece of cement on 151 last summer, blew my back left tire.  GREAT ROAD YOU GOT THERE!!

It's a common problem. People want things but, they don't want to PAY for them. We want smooth roads but we don't want to pay for them.


OH - the woman who wrote me that kind email. Well, I have not gotten an apology but it sounds that email was AFTER she had calmed down a little,  WHEW!!!

Have a wonderful day.    

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