Friday, February 13, 2015

drug testing welfare recipients has negative expectations

HA!   Funny how "news" changes.  That whole wristband thing. Nate Silvers website quoting from Mother Jones website quoting from Journal of the American Medical Association.

I suppose I will need to take a 6 month hiatus now!

The take on the article is basically your smartphone does a better job then a wrist band (from an article in Eureka Alert - The Global Source for Science News). Smart Phones had a range of 6.2% to 6.7% difference while wristbands were 1.5% to 22.7% difference.  HOWEVER - who has their smartphone permanently attached to their body 24 hours a day.

There was a question on Facebook asking where people could sled in Columbus.  Well, if you are in the Boston area you could use your own house. But might as well wait for better conditions as they are expecting another 12-15 inches of snow this weekend in a new blizzard.

Did you know there has not been one homicide in NYC since February 1st?  Weird.  Have to rework all the cop shows to tracking down parking ticket offenders.


Our Governor has been looking at drug testing welfare recipients.  This has been done in 3 States with terrible results and a waste of time and money.  Tennessee just had there go at it.  Of the 16,000 people tested it was found that 0.23% were flagged, 37 people.  HOWEVER, many opted NOT to be tested because . . well . . .they knew.  So the total number zooms to 0.73%.

In Florida 2.6% were flagged, mostly for marijuana (a legal substance in some states). For Florida the whole test, not including payroll and time lost from other duties but including not having to pay the flagged people , cost the state $45,000.

One last thing - Seems Walker is getting laughed at by the European Press for having a question and answer session and then not actually answering anything.  They are wondering "Why did he come here to talk about cheese?".  And at the moment he and Jeb Bush are the front runners!  sigh.


I tell ya - the marketing for Fifty Shades has been science.  This will gross more then the predicted $60 mil in the 1st 4 days! I have no plans to see the movie in the theater, but if any of you want to see a movie on sort of the same subject check out a flik staring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal called "Secretary".
Before FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, there was SECRETARY. James Spader leads this sexy and daring comedy as the original Mr. Grey, a seemingly normal lawyer whose relationship with his new secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal) descends into a kinky affair that would give nightmares to any human resource director.
Speaking of $60 mil but $58 mil less. There has been concerns about the Columbus tax rate with the proposed $2 million bonding. Actually our tax rate  which is attributed to THIS bonding will go up by one penny in 2016  and then decrease 2 cents in 2017 and 6 more cents in 2018.


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Iggy is concerning me - he is starting to imitate me.

And a couple days ago. . . . . . . I think I need to unplug him.

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