Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fifty Shades and Public Enemies

Here come da cold!  Coldest air of the season is descending on us and will be around for a while. Today is the first day our average high reaches 32 and we will not see that temperature in the foreseeable future (maybe in March we might see it?).

After about 3:00 this afternoon we should have 40 straight hours of dropping temperature with the stinky armpit of weather happening about 8:00AM Thursday when we hit -15 with wind chills near -34. That's something to look forward too!  Saturday should be the warmest day in the next 2 weeks reaching 26ish but then we turn colder again.  Gotta love high's being 30 degrees below average.  



I know I know a lot of people love Governor Walker but the National media is now starting to look at our Governor and Rueters News had a national article with the headlines "Scott Walker will have a hard time explaining his economic record if he runs for president".

That's all I'm going to say

Fifty Shades - The reason I'm so obsessed with this movie isn't because I read the book (which I didn't) or will see the movie (which I might not) but the whole marketing campaign. I love watching marketing and what works and what does not. That Charter singing ad - brilliant and I loath it so deeply.  But Fifty Shades opening on Valentines weekend - brilliant. What other day in the year can you being a male who does not want to see a movie to the movie.  Let's see what happens around November 14th.  The Fifty Shade baby boom.

Oh - it's a one and done. People won't see it twice but that is fine. 94 million on opening weekend doubled what the movie cost already. 68% attending were woman and 42% were under 25 years old.

Which brings me to Public Enemies, the highest grossing R rated gangster movie of all time. There are some that say it sucked and Columbus never should have allowed it to film here.  I say anything that puts Columbus on the map is not a bad thing and it did gross 214 million world wide. The sad part is Columbus totally dropped the ball in marketing itself. Lost opportunity.  Anyone that says Public Enemies was a waste is clueless on how the world actually works.


Gas prices. Seems all that money we are saving by low gas prices is going into buying more gas or into the bank. Personal savings is up 4.9% and gas sales has jumped 4.3%.


Looks like the DOT is starting to make plans to completely resurface Farnham (Highway 89) in town. This is in the DOT pipeline for 2021. Of course with Wisconsin's budget in shambles and road projects being canceled with lack of money . . who knows.


I think I mentioned this site before Graph TV.  It takes IMDb ratings and puts every episode on a chart.

Justified one of my favorite shows staring Timothy Olyphant is in it's last season is a fantastic show.

Person of Interest on Network keeps getting better.

for giggles I tried All My Children . . . . I froze it up!

Have a great day.

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