Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hide your children.

Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Arctic Blast 

Starting about 2AM Saturday the wind chill will drop below zero and won't return to 0 until Sunday evening.  Saturday should be in the -15 to -20+ all day and be in the -30s Sunday morning!  WOW!!  Welcome winter.   say good by the 30 degrees for the next 10 days at LEAST as we have two artic blasts coming our way!


WHO KNEW - well obviously I didn't.  Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades) is the daughter of Melanie Griffith who is the daughter of Tippy Hedren (The Birds).  Tippy's film debut was in The Birds and she went on to be in over 80 films and TV roles.

She also founded the Shambala Preserve an animal sanctuary for endangered exotic big cats such as African lions, Siberian tigers and Bengal tigers, leopards, servals, mountain lions, bobcats, plus a lynx, a Florida panther, and a liger that have been abandoned by circuses.

I have abslolutly zero love for the animal cruelty that circuses create. When I went to the circus in Columbus and saw the chained elephant in obvious distress I was horrified and sad and their explanation was total BS. Don't get me started!

OH - the board members include Loni Anderson, Antonio Banderas, Ed Begley, Jr., Bo Derek, Melanie Griffith, Ken Howard and Linda Howard, and Betty White. Why can't we get those guys on the Columbus Room Tax committee!!!


I'm kicking around the idea of putting these four images on my canopy walls this summer for art fairs as a quadtych (an image containing four pictures or a series of four pictures that are bound together in some way).  It would take up one entire top row of one wall for one display.  hmmmmmm

I sort of had everything all planned out but now . . . . the colors would draw people into the canopy.

Sadly I ordered a large 16x48 pano of the same image Friday  grrrrrrrr   hmmmmmm  I like this so much better as four separate images.  Well, food for thought. Sorry, thinking out loud.

OK - I just saw the SI Swimsuit cover and I can see a WHOLE LOT of people getting upset!!  Holy mackerel hide your children. yikes!  I can't even look at that at work without getting into trouble. I have to calm down . . . Madonna Madonna Madonna - OK whew!  


Credit cards are changing and you will no longer be swiping your card across a magnetic reader but dipping your card instead.  Europe has been dipping for a while now as they have an EMV chip, a small silver- or gold-colored square on the front of  newly issued cards. Those will have all the information you need and are much safer.

OH - Anthem the insurance company that 80 million people were "hacked"?  Well, is it hacking if the info was never encrypted in the first place? Yea - seems the fed does not force insurance companies to encrypt a lot of information because it would be too expensive.  sigh!!!


Speaking of borrowing 2 million dollars!  I would not be surprised if interest rates for bonds went even lower!  Look at this chart

WOW - does anybody remember when mortgage rates for a house were 16%?  Who could buy a house at 16%!!!   I'm looking into refinancing at 3.6% (currently 4.63%).

As one source said  "The prevailing low yield situation allows very affordable financing of long-term public sector investments, such as infrastructure projects."    NOTE - "infrastructure".

And it the article goes on  "Unfortunately very few governments appear willing to borrow to invest even with interest rates falling into negative territory." Well, the Columbus government is!   


New comedy on TV called "Fresh Off the Boat" - actually has some funny moments!  We like it and will record it.  Based in 1995 about an Taiwanese family as they make their way from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Florida to open up a steak restaurant.  Funny things like when a cousin boots up his internet computer and they stand there for 5 minutes listening to dial-up.


One last photo - IGGY has been watching me way way too much.

nuff said.  

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