Monday, February 2, 2015

Jimmy the Stick Day, Anger

WOW - first of all where did all that snow come from! 7.1 total inches although it was hard to measure with the blowing.  During the peak we had a constant 18mph wind with gusts to 33.  At least we are not Chicago which had 16 inches.

I think the backlash from the "fail in NYC" had forecasters gun shy about raising their forecast.  More snow coming tomorrow, somewhere between 1 and 8 inches (playing it safe)!

And of course it's Jimmy the Stick Day Year 19.

Can you believe I have had this stick for 19 years now?


2009 - could not find him

He has been to Las Vegas (I forgot he was in the trunk) and almost held by the Air National Guard in 2003 (National Security problems stopped that one).

BUT - here we are 2015 and it's Jimmy the Stick Day  - The story behind Jimmy started 19 years ago when a colleague of mine and I were talking about just how aware a Ground Hog actually was when it came to shadows. We thought perhaps we should test this on a stick and what we found was a stick was as aware IF NOT MORE of it's shadow then a large rodent.

So - a tradition started. Unlike the large rodent this is the same stick for 19 straight years, although he has gotten a little brittle and has a few missing limbs.

This year Jimmy saw it's shadow which is good because a Canadian research team looked at 40 years of 13 cities and Jimmy was 37% accurate.  According to Stormfax Weather Almanac Punxsutawney Phil is 39% accurate dating to 1887. The National Climatic Data Center says "the groundhog has shown no talent for predicting the arrival of spring, especially in recent years."


For more on the Ground Hog and it's roots in the The Roman Legions visit your local library.


Talk about a karma Playoff system in the NFL. Every game in the NFC was  karma. The Lions were karmatized by the Cowboys.  The Cowboys were karmatized by the Packers,  The Packers were karmatized by Seattle and Seattle was karmatized by the Patriots.  Therefore the Lions should have been in the Superbowl (Sorry - lack of coffee made me say that).

Then there is anger.  Seems a few players on Seattle lost control at the end of the game.  I don't condone the fisticuffs but totally understand.

I was fuming after the Packer loss and had to lash out. When a Facebook friend waved his virtual finger in my face laughing I lashed out at his disregard to my feelings.  Yet when the game ended tragically for Seattle, I was elated even though I wanted the Seahawks to win.  I really wanted one of those teams to lose tragically, to feel my pain.  

I know how I felt but can you imagine how a player feels when he has been literally beating up the players on the other team for 3 hours and then have your heart ripped out at the very end.  No, you can not imagine, not even close.

So when they lash out - I totally get it.  Plus , what can they actually do to each other anyway.

But speaking of lashing out I received a personal message yesterday and while I don't condone it I understand.  This is why I get paid $1 a hour as a public servant.

 Hope you're happy, you fucking piece of shit. I learned my lesson when my car got towed this morning and I had to walk in the snow from my apartment on James Street down to Frank Porth Towing to get my car. I learned my lesson all right. I'M LEAVING YOUR PIECE OF FUCK CITY. AND I'M NOT SPENDING ONE MORE DIME HERE BEFORE I DO, EITHER. NICE ACCOUNTABILITY, BY THE WAY, "PUBLIC SERVANT," HAVING A FACEBOOK PAGE NO ONE CAN WRITE ON. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DYING TOWN AND YOUR SHITTY, OVERLY-PROCESSED PICTURES. CHILL WITH THE HDR ALL RIGHT ALL READY.


I won't go into the parking on the street part but there are a few other things -  In order to post on my personal facebook page you have to ask to be a "friend". I have never turned a "friend" request down so if she wanted to vent she should have ask to be a friend first.

I don't have a Aldermen Melotte page because then I have to pretend to be politically correct and change my personality which would make me a politician. If I ever see myself becoming a politician I will quit being a politician.

As for "dying town" - I think it is quite the opposite actually, not that I want to argue.

Shitty overly-processed pictures?  hmmmm  Some could be but that is a matter of opinion.

Shitty overly processed snow image
    But again - I would like to believe she was lashing out (maybe not, I don't know).


There is a mini series on The History Channel called Sons of Liberty. A historical fictional account of the American Revolution. I am really geeking out lately on the American Revolution and find it fascinating.  I forgot about John Hancock and his . . . .oddness as a business man.  Definitely a so called 1%er of their time.

BTW - this whole anti-1%ers is so stupid. 1% is $340,000 a year.  I think it's 0.1% that you want to be pissed at.  I know a few 1%ers and they buy things and spend money and trickle down all the time.

AND - I watched FURY.  Well, entertaining up to a point a platoon of German SS were played by The Keystone Cops.  Totally unbelievable ending.  Good lord.

OK - I gotta get more gas for my blower.   Have a great day.        

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