Monday, February 16, 2015

Model Horse Show and the real Lord Carnarvon (Downton Abby)

Went to the Columbus Sleigh Rally Saturday (which was mentioned on CH27 this morning) and was pleasantly surprised to see more then 1 person in the -15 wind chill. Actually about 40 braving the cold for sleigh rides. Columbus is a hardy bunch . . .or just crazy.

But then I went into the pavilion and wow - lots of people were attending and participating the Model Horse Show and to be honest I had never known there was such a thing as a model horse show.  

The pavilion was looking great and the new heaters were pumping out tons of warm air. Well done HLPC. 

But model horses?  Tens of thousands of dollars of model horses.  WHO KNEW!  If each horse was worth about $100 and each table had 30 to 40 for a competition.  YIKES

Not unlike model train shows I suppose and all the other "model" shows. They were all judged on different things with judges looking at every detail of every horse.  From correct color to correct saddles and riding technique and all sort of things I have no clue of.  Sort of surreal.

As I said earlier the pavilion is becoming the jewel of Columbus and was looking great. Nice to see that it's being taken care of and someday will be ADA accessible.

Brew Day - Brewing an English IPA today for a competition.  Many people do not know that the entire set of beer styles has changed.  There is no longer a style called Octoberfest.  Octoberfest is a celebration that features two kinds of beer, a Marzen and a Festbier.  There are 6 more IPAs. No Scottish 60 or Scottish 70 (Scottish Light). No more Brown Porters. The whole beer world has been turned upside down.  

I read this morning that the company I decorated their offices with my art happens to be the most successful company in the world. I think I didn't charge enough!  If I would have invested $1 in 1968 it would be worth $6,638 today!  And annual return of 20.6% for 46 years and actually gaining momentum. What do they produce? Cigarettes. Even though cigarette smoking has been on the decline since 1981 Altera stock is up 268% in the last 6 years.

Why does this stock keep going up?  Because people hate it which is great for stock holders. The less people owning the stock the more a stockholder gets in dividends. Unlike Apple which everyone loves.  Apple has to keep spending money to invent new things  - what has actually changed in cigarettes in the last 40 years. Pure profits and it's not too late to jump in.

Note - my dad died of lung cancer from smoking - it's a truly truly horrific way to die.

Things I learned over the weekend.

In order to order postcards I need to convert my RGB images into a CMYK image and I need the GRACoL 2006 profile and have to use the Convert to Profile with absolute Colormetric as the Intent using dither.  YEA - made no sense to me either.

BUT - it looks great once I figured it out.

Watched Season #1 Episode #1 of Saturday Night Live (Called NBC Saturday Night at the time).  It was pretty horrible for the most part. I'm sure 40 years ago it was hilarious.


Of course we all watched the NBA All Star game right?   I didn't either, but there were 133 3-point shots taken.   

On this day in 1923 archaeologist opened the tomb of King Tut and those archaeologist included the Fifth Earl of Carnarvon who's home was Highclair castle from Downton Abby. Lord Carnarvon  died 5 months later from a mosquito bite infection. The lights went out in Cairo in honor of his death and there is a story that Earl’s pet terrier howled and dropped dead at that very moment.


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