Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The ruins were ruined

It all worked out as planned.  Sunday morning the forecast was for clearing around sunset on Monday so I took off to Lake Mills about 4:30 to take some photos of Icehenge.

When I got there I could see no lines of traffic like I had on Saturday and then . . . .there it was . . .WHAT?  it was just a pile of broken ice.  But as I looked from above there was something laying on the ground.

I got my equipment and took a step onto the now hard packed snow.  Lesson number one, need better soles on my boots . . .or just different boots as every step I took was an adventure.

As I got closer was the thing laying on the ground someone mourning?  Was the thing trapped under fallen ice?   Was it a walrus?

Kristen Westlake
  NO - it was Kristen Westlake who has 1,037 followers on Facebook (how does she do that, I am so totally jealous)  who after talking to her was there to shoot star trails with Icehenge in the foreground.

We talked a bit and then the creator spoke to us in a low booming voice.

Wait - who did you think I was talking about?  NO NO NO it was Kevin Lehner who with his friends created Icehenge.

Seems this was the 2nd year they had done this but this year because of the power of one photograph it went world wide.  As I said Saturday there were a hundred people scampering around it and Kevin and friends did not want this to end badly with 4 hundred plus pounds of ice balanced on ice falling. So Sunday they knocked it down.

So here we were looking for SOMETHING to take photos of.  Got all my equipment, got a sunset, got ice, mix it all together and you get

Have a great day! 


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