Monday, March 30, 2015

Nothing much Monday.

Wednesday/Thursday Morning
WEATHER - typical spring which is a good thing. I like typical.  We have 4 days of a gradual warm up until Wednesday night when we could get a few thunderstorms.

Highs middle 60s Wednesday and Thursday, Cooling down and then middle 50s for next weekend but windy.


Finally!!  Warner Brothers is starting to move forward with my father in laws story!   (although that ship is from Pearl Harbor isn't it?  It's not how the USS Indy sunk.  The bow was blown off and water was shoved into moving ship which is why it sunk so quickly.


Motoclassico opened this weekend and I gotta share from photos Jose' 

If you are wondering where this is??

And the inside

Pretty sweet!! 


Sign the petition!

Move the Big Ten Football Championship out of Indianapolis
On March 26, 2015, Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence signed into law a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against members of the LGBT community under the guise of "religious freedom.
Don't use religion as an excuse to discriminate.


NBA is basically over (for me).

2013/14 = 97.26 units2014/15 = 93.96 units

On to baseball!


have a super great Monday!  

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