Friday, March 27, 2015

Pot o' Gold

My SitBit on my wrist which tracks my inactivity and warns me when I get to active was going off last night watching the Badger game. I felt like I was doing some sort of aerobic exercise just sitting there my heart was pounding so hard.


In other games - if Kentucky would not have scored ONE POINT in the 2nd half last night - they still would have won.  They were so bored they were dunking over their own players.  The score was 18-2 after like 4 minutes! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  No one will beat Kentucky this year. The #1 player in the NBA draft next year scored 1 point and Kentucky won by 40.

The low this morning got down to 16.6 in Columbus  brrrrrrrrr!  It will get colder tonight going to 14ish but then the warm up begins and Saturday will be a feel warm 40 with pure sun and very light wind.  Should feel GREAT.  Sunday blows!  Serious yuck.  46 ice pellets cloudy, windy.

Next week will be a wapatoolie of weather - Spring will show us everything it has from beautiful warm sun to snow showers and rain and cooling down for the next weekend.    If it is sunny you know rain is coming, if it's raining you know the sun is coming. 


Had two images printed where I will get my $$ back as their printer had issues with the color blue which for these photos is important.  These two were from a vacation we had on St. John USVI - and yes -that is a REAL rainbow. I doubt the sail boat saw a rainbow.  

And this is a shot of Trump Bay, ranked as one of the best beaches in the world (it was from what we could tell). 

There was a card table where a woman was selling rum drinks.  We each ordered one and LITERALLY, the drink was basically one shot of 7-Up and the rest flavored rum. 

As we were laying there like walruses soaking up sun a family starts to lay blankets and stuff near us and they are talking.  I nudge DJ and say "listen". . . . . . DJ says  "Oh know, is that what we sound like?"  I say hi to the people and ask,  "Where are you guys from?"  and they say  MilWAUkee WiscONsin!!   sigh! 

They actually have a snorkel trail you can follow - it was pretty sweet. 


Motoclasico opens downtown Columbus Saturday. Motoclasico "houses a collection of classic motorcycles as well as timeless apparel and accessories for motorcycle enthusiast."  They will also have a good size internet presence.

Jose has renovated the inside of the old bank.

I have not been inside the place yet and he is still working on details but here is a first look.

They are working with the Festival Urban Ninjas to have five Motorcycle Nights in Columbus. The first Monday of the month.


Also opening this weekend is Columbus Self Storage with a ribbon cutting and cake

395 Transit Road, just a block south of the new Shopko and Sentry.

Add Firemens Tap being purchased for a catering service and future restaurant,  Napoli's reopening, a large Badger Motor Car Company who refurbishes antique cars (and many other cool things) opening this summer next to Julie's Java House, The Governors mansion working on destination weddings, a new Sentry and Ace Hardware opening yesterday . . . there is a lot going on.  OH - and the biggest news of the summer is Mullins has a NEW BIG CHAIR!!!! (insert standing ovation sounds).

I did not read the article but the title was

Ted Cruz is just like Reagan in 1980, except people liked Reagan.

Oil prices dipped yesterday. Seems they have been climbing lately with Yeman worries about the Saudi Arabia-led air strikes but that fear seems to be ebbing.

Have a great weekend.

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