Friday, March 6, 2015

Root Canal - FAIL

When I had my last root canal (dental colonoscopy) to fix a failed 30 year old root canal I figured I was done with that tooth - I've had six canals I believe so it's not a big deal. HOWEVER - they did say that the tooth was cracked and at some point in my life I MIGHT have problems.

Well - sigh - I guess that is like one year later.  grrrrrrr   Should cost about $3000 this time.  Better start selling my baseball cards. 


One of the most important things I have been stressing since I became a council member was repairing the downtown. Trying to bring in new business and keep the old business. In the public opinion surveys it is always up near the top of things we need to fix.  Yes - roads on on top but that should just be automatic as roads are on top in every city of the U.S.  Columbus is not any different they Anytown USA when it comes to roads.   

But the business climate downtown is not only fixable (in time) but Columbus is unique and it's our calling card. The downtown is what makes Columbus a place that has hope for the future.  The DOT knows it.  Do you think the DOT would be planning 6 major road projects in and around Columbus in the next 6 years if they thought Columbus was failing?  They understand that with Sun Prairie filling up - we are next up!  If people want small town living? That is us!! No longer Sun Prairie.

Columbus is in the on-deck circle and we better not screw this up!

I remember standing in front of the City Council about 7 years ago when they were thinking of
demo-ing the City Hall.  WTF were they thinking. Seriously?  Well the Columbus Theater Association has been working hard getting all the paperwork and estimates and ticky tacky government crap all in a row so they can make the Auditorium a viable business and here is their press release.
The historic auditorium above Columbus City Hall hasn't been open in almost eighty years - but that won’t stop the Columbus Theater Association from entertaining the community. 
 The Columbus Theater Association (CTA), in its first-ever public entertainment event, will be hosting nationally-recognized comedian Daryl Moon for a night of laughter and support for growth in the community at the Kestrel Ridge Banquet Hall on March 21st. Moon, a family-friendly entertainer, is a Wisconsin native, and is sure to put on a hilarious show for all ages. 
Doors will open at 6:30 PM. After a short presentation by the CTA, the show will begin
at 7, and is expected to last around 90 minutes. Tickets will cost $15, and are on sale at the Farmers & Merchants Union Bank branch on Industrial Drive in Columbus, as well as being sold at the door prior to the event. There will also be a 50/50 raffle, with tickets being sold from 6:30 until the start of the show.
The Columbus Theater Association is very excited to be able to offer the community a chance to be not only entertained by a hilarious comedian, but also support a project that can bring benefits to the community for years to come.
 For updates, visit their Facebook page, or call (903) 662-8360.


OH OH - Unemployment rate has tumbled and the U.S. added 295,000 more jobs in February crushing estimates. 12 straight months over 200,000. Are we better off then we were 7 years ago?  HELL YEA!!    The American economy is clicking along and should gain momentum with more money coming from lower gas prices.  That extra cash has not hit retail sales yet because it takes a while and with winter sucking up energy bills people are not spending YET.

Plus people are not driving as much as they hunker down in the cold. Starting in April when people drive more they will save more and more money will hit retail sales (in theory).


Papa Johns is being forced to pay 2.12 million dollars in wage theft to delivery drivers in New York City.  I remember thinking I ordered a pizza from Papa Murphy's and called Papa Johns by accident. When I got to Murphy's to pick up my pizza they did not have it and I realized I called John's.

I then called Papa John's and explained to them my mistake and to cancel my pizza.  They were not happy!


If you have On Demand look for "Conan in Cuba". I'm not a huge Conan fan but I really want to go to Cuba.  We watched it last night and we had tears in our eyes it was so funny!


You know that stupid "Game of War" game and advertisement with Kate Upton?  It's making 1 million dollars a day!


Going to visit a business that wants to expand today but can not find a place to expand too! Beaver Dam really wants them.  We need to make sure Columbus is a small business friendly community. It's the small businesses that are the backbone of small town America.  


Today should be the last day our highs are in the 30s for the foreseeable future. Should be in the 50s most of next week. Zero chance of rain for the next 10 days - get your car washed.

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