Monday, March 9, 2015

Sparrow Hawk

WEATHER - Meteorologists in Wisconsin are sitting back and eating donuts the next few weeks. It's like having a job in San Diego which is the worst place to be transferred too if you are a weather geek.  Nothing happens.

Nothing is happening - no weather - move along.  The most exciting thing is we might hit 60 NEXT Monday but otherwise for the foreseeable future  (which is 10 days at the moment) we should be a good 15 degrees above average.  High's around 55 and low's about 32. No rain, no surprises (although can you actually predict a surprise?)  Sun sun sun not a speck of rain. 

LOOK - no clouds! 

The only exciting thing is Tropical Cyclone Haliba.  O'boy, winds at 47 mph - run run! 


Columbus Connects is trying to surpass the Columbus Journal for readers as Jenny now has 503 loyal followers!   If you have any events or things to do contact Columbus Connects on Facebook spread the word.


Gutter Gussy will like this - and I will say it right now - we need a skate park to take the place of the bowling alley.


Speaking of improvements to Columbus, along with a skate park there was a plan in the works to  connect all the Columbus parks with a bike path.  If anyone knows of this plan or who was the catalyst let me know, I've had a number of people approach me about more bike paths in Columbus.


I received a worried email this weekend about something I was talking about in the last blog, in fact now that I think of it I received an email from Atlanta from a person that grew up in Columbus about this same topic about a month ago. Growth,

It seems something I said sounded like I was hoping Columbus would turn into Sun Prairie when actually it's the opposite. I would hate to be Sun Prairie-like. If I wanted that I would move to . . . Sun Prairie.

Columbus needs smart growth, not unbridled strip malls and an ever expanding outward bound infrastructure spreading like a virus. The best way is to make Columbus a place people enjoy with things to do, events and a positive atmosphere.  Do that and small business will follow.  Not the other way around. You really want small business to succeed because it makes a community stronger and less prone to economic downturns.  Better to have 50 businesses with 4 employees then  one with 200.

I thought it was a little humorous that some readers would be concerned Columbus would grow TOO fast. Columbus does not have a rich history in fast growth.  The DOT is showing that they understand Columbus is no longer a forgotten community out of the way community and is actually a place that families are looking into for small town life.  The city government needs to make sure we are prepared so as to NOT get over saturated too quickly. I believe we have a good group that understands that.  Confidence is high!


I was trying to get some photos of the blue jays that have been coming to our feeder but of course the crows and blue jays saw the camera and were shy.  Not sparrows though!

OH - as I'm, typing this I see the first cardinal (should I capitalize Cardinal?) that I've seen in a long time (and why do I have to capitalize "I" in I've, what is the logic behind this - I slept though this part of school).  There have been reports on the net about red wing black birds starting to hit Wisconsin.

I remember once I was in the old wooden part of school and had fallen asleep in 1st hour and at the same time I heard someone sharpening a pencil in the next room with one of those electric pencil sharpeners  bzzzzzzzzzzzzz  and at the same time the teacher says loudly "And what do you think that is".  I woke up with a start and blurted out  "KILLER BEES!"    sigh

Well . . . .I guess that was not the answer he was looking for and I got a rather mean look from him (seems the first of many actually).


I read another article about our oil glut and it looks like they will start to use oil tankers as places to store oil as they cannot STOP production fast enough.  Looking forward to cheap-er gas coming.


FiveThirtyEight has a piece on Walker (the Nate Silver site) and how Walker will repeatably tout how he has won 3 elections in 4 years and how this is not as big of a deal that he is making it out to be.  The fact is the margins of victory was not substantial and inside standard deviation.

HOWEVER - what IS impressive is that he is the 2nd most conservative governor in the U.S. and just the fact he DID win is interesting. Winning 3 in a row, not a big deal.  Having the tea party win in a Purple state is impressive.

Here is the problem the Republicans are running into though. In history the candidates of the party that loses more then one election typically grow more moderate with every loss.  The party's tend to vote for the more electable candidate and sacrifice ideology.  This will hurt Walker and especially when the National Press and non-milk toast democrats (like the last 3 people that ran against Walker) start to hammer some of those skeletons in the Walker closet.  Electability?  Ideology?  Choose a side.

With that said - Las Vegas has Hillary winning the next election  6/5 (bet $5 to get $11 in return) and Jeb at 7/2 as the two front runners.  Walker is 12/1,   Democrats are 3/5.

While I was on that site.

Name the  Royal Baby II -  Elizabeth  7/2  Charlotte was second at 11/2
Brewers over/under wins is 78.5
Phillies 68.5 (worst in baseball - sorry Umpire)


According to the latest study Daylight Savings time increases electric usage by 1%.

Get this - blood doping was basically allowed according to the International Cycling Union but you could not just bring bags of blood with you.  What one team did was they would give one rider 3 units of blood and fly him into France.  Then immediately take that blood out of the rider and replace it with normal blood and spread the dopey blood to the rest of the team!  WTF!!!

Just another worry when we have disc golf tournaments in Columbus! Blood Doping.

Have a great Monday and week.



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