Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day of Worms and Bells Across the Land

Yesterday was the day or worms.  In our area each year there is one spring storm that routs the worms out of the soil and they cover my driveway and roads on Vista.  Didn't happen last year though as there was no "warm" rain in spring.  GOT IT THIS WEEK.

Last night we accumulated 1.93 inches of rain from the two larger storms.  The first one hit at 2:47AM with 3/8 inch hail and a rain rate of 3.87 inches per hour.  The second storm hit at 3:48AM with smaller hail and a peak rate of 2.04 inches per hour.

Not a lot of wind with either but the interesting thing was there was a constant wind of 15mph up to the #1 storm but during the down-burst there was a complete lack of wind. Another interesting thing was after the first storm hit the temperature started rising and after the second storm the temp started falling.

Watch the weather this afternoon. Severe weather that all depends on how warm we get as a warm front approaches. That warm air is very unstable. The high is forecast to be 57ish and if we get warmer we could have some excitement.

Tomorrow will be cooler and cloudy as the LOW pressure leaves the area but Saturday looks great with warmer weather until NEXT weekend.


If I had a car I would be visiting every church today to talk them into ringing their bells at 3:15.

Bells Across the Land happens today in many many cities.  Just after 3:00PM the first bells will ring at in Appomattox for four minutes being rung by decedents of slaves . One minute for each of the four years of  the American Civil War, Americas deadliest war.

At 3:15 bells in all of Chicago's Firehouse will start ringing. All bells in Minnesota will ring and at the moment 36 States will take part in ringing of bells. I have heard nothing about Wisconsin which is a shame as Wisconsin had one of the most important roles in the Civil War with the Black Hat Brigade (also known as the Iron Brigade) saving Gettysburg and basically turning the tide for the North.

The Iron Brigade was the "1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps" - pretty important.

I would LOVE to have Columbus take part - BUT - my car is at Wise Guys and I am house bound (brewing beer).

If you have contacts with any churches or establishments with bells please inform them of this and have them ring for 4 minutes at 3:15. This is the 4th year and it's on my calendar for next year.   For more information

Bells Across the Land


Speaking of beer.  I'm brewing my One Putt 12 IPA today, the 4th time for this wonderful Amarillo hopped brew.  I also am looking for a beer recipe for a saffron beer (I have access to a large supply of  fresh saffron) and I have a double IPA I need to make for a competition.

My last brew came in 6th in a competition - an English IPA. I did not love it but it's aging well and getting better. Not a big fan of English IPAs though.


I receive some new ear buds yesterday that are really really good and only cost $20. REAL BASS!  Talk about showing me how horrible iPhone ear buds are it's ridiculous.

Bang for buck the best ear buds I have ever heard. They have a deep bass, not assumed bass and are very very comfortable (again, iPhone buds blow).


JLab Core Hi-Fi Noise Isolating earbuds with Mic and Cush Fin Technology

OH - the storm that hit while I'm typing this that is flooding the golf course - 0.40 inches. Going to be a wet day!  Good day to be stuck at home!

Have a great day!



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