Thursday, April 23, 2015


A number of FAILS to report today.

The first FAIL was the installation of a new water bubbler where I work.  There was a bubbler there but it was a few feet higher.  this one seems a little low.

water bubbler FAIL

The 2nd FAIL is the weather reports. Looks like a spring surprise has happened.  Saturday will totally suck.  The war between winter and summer is on and winter took this round.

This is what I wanted to post yesterday (another fail) and shows that big blog of crappy cold that broke off and landed on Wisconsin.

And this is what it will look like later today as it starts to swing away.

There are no blobs in the 10 day forecast.

FAIL #3 are the Milwaukee Brewers!   WOW - if you combine last year and this year the Brewers have won 13 of their last 51 games. 13-38.  But the BAD part is that the future looks even worse.

They have no prospects in the farm system to look forward too and they certainly can't trade bad players for better bad players.

I'm never a fan of firing a manager but I have become less and less of a fan of even tempered Ron Roenicke.  I mean the next manager will still have the same players right?  Maybe fire Doug Melvin but Milwaukee is a small market team and this is what happens to small market teams.  Up and down.

Lose for a few years and restock the farm system, get good enough so you can contend, trade away prospects to fill in weakness for a few years to go all in to have ANY chance and then pay the price later.  Well, we are now paying the price.

FAIL #4.  Seems our Governor really stepped in a bunch of doo-doo in an interview with Glenn Beck.

He said he wants to limit legal immigration.  This position will really hurt him among Republicans and it's NOT what the Koch Brothers and the Chamber of Commerce who are funding him want to hear. Immediately after that comment the GOP was all over his butt condemning it. In one sentence he has alienated elected officials and donors.

But wait you say.  I thought the GOP was against immigration.  WELL, yes and no. it all depends on how you word the surveys it seems.  

That is the problem with ALL surveys (even the one our city had). It's all about the wording.

The gallop poll said 50% of the GOP wants to decrease immigration but did not say legal or illegal. The Pew research had the same question but instead of a YES or NO they gave choices and it seems 53% of people who say that are Republicans want to increase or stay the same, legal immigration.    
So you see Walker is against what the GOP wants when he says limit legal immigration.  Of course he can back track but he is already being labeled as a flip-flopper when the Koch Brothers tell he what he is suppose to say.        

If he comes to your house tell him to take off his shoes as he will track crap all over it.

FAIL #4 - my stomach.  At Anytime Fitness Tuesday I did 110 leg lifts.  After working out 6 times in 9 days I was feeling pretty darn good and did a little too much.  OUCH.  I need a cane just to stand up. I feel like I had a hernia operation.

FAIL#5 - I'm still waiting for the predicted crash in gas prices that was promised when our rivers would flow with too much oil.  hmmmmm

NON-FAIL #1 - My mom.  Her operation went great.  She had throat/swallowing problems and it seems some sphincter muscles in her throat were not operating correctly.  Being 87 years old yesterday she was pretty sure she was going to die on the operating table because a friend had an operation like this 60 years ago and it went poorly.

WELL - I guess they inserted something in her throat to open it up more and then Botoxed some muscles which will hold for 6 months and her muscles will be strong again.  She felt GREAT yesterday and was very happy (could be the drugs also).
Extra non-news.  DJ found a lot of stuff on my grandfather including all his school records. He was a
My grandfather
full blooded Menominee Indian and was adopted.  Was a radio operator in WWI and was a Mason in the Billings Lodge (along with my father).  The funny thing is that he seemed to run away from school a lot as a kid.   I really don't know that much about my family. Never really met any of my relatives at all.

Something people forget when they talk to seniors is that they were not always seniors. At one time they were young trouble makers doing their own thing.
American Pickers has contacted a few people in the area and one in Columbus.  Maybe we will be on TV. Bring out your trash.

OH - speaking of trash - Council is debating on whether we will have all citizens have trash bins for auto pick-up. Free of charge for everybody.  95 gallon bins which seems silly to me since we have 2 bags of garbage a week.  We don't even fill up a 50 gallon bin! LOL  But, free is always good so . . . .
OH - a big thank you to the police officer that stopped in front of me the other garbage day.  There were trash bins blocking the road and he not only stopped to remove the bins but also picked up all the loose garbage flying around (I helped a little).  Well done officer.

Please join officials from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the City of Columbus for a meeting to discuss the planning and coordination needs of area businesses for the 2017 reconstruction of James Street, Columbus
WHEN: Thursday, April 30, 2015, 9 a.m.
  WHERE: Columbus Community Building, 161 N. Dickason Boulevard
*NOTE: this is the first of several meetings planned between the DOT and City businesses along the James Street corridor on this matter.    

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