Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Indiana - a shield, not a sword

Weather - probably won't hit 70 today but will be darn close and frankly a lot of forecasts are been conservative lately so . . . maybe.  I've been hearing a lot of talk about thunderstorms early Thursday morning when we are asleep but . . . . this energy is weakening and I'm not sold and I'm not sold on the rain totals either.  I'm more pessimistic.

If you are looking for rain look forward to next week as it will be the wet one of the spring with a chance of rain every day into the future starting Monday.  After today and tomorrow temps will be typical spring, a couple degrees above or below the normal of 52ish.


Lots of misinformation being spread by the Left about Indiana although technically incorrect if you boil it down, sort of correct.

The real deal is this.  The Indiana far right Governor passed a bill that does not actually allow business to discriminate against gays (to put it bluntly).  HOWEVER - what it does do is this.

If you are a business such as a bar and you tell a gay dude or couple "we don't want your kind here and will not serve you".  That guy has absolutely zero recourse.  He cannot take you to court for discrimination.  THAT is the deal.   The bill, as currently written is a shield, not a sword. It does not allow you to discriminate but protects you if you do discriminate.

They had a choice and decided that they did not want to add wording that would have fixed this because "nobody would really know".  Well, now it seems they are rethinking this mess with literally hundreds of millions of dollars NOT going to Indiana.  And now their problem is that just changing the wording will not be enough to stop the perfect storm of far right wing buffoonery.


Why are college basketball players not allowed to wear the numbers 6,7,8 or 9 on their uniform?? No I have no answer, I'm asking.
The United States along with an oil glut has a corn glut.  We have the most corn stockpiled since 1987 which is creating a drop in price.   Pass the corn syrup.
Aliens have not yet landed on my head.  If you are a Facebook person and subscribe to a certain anti-Columbus Government Ne'er Do Well who likes to hear himself talk gibberish you know of what I speak.   

If, and or when they do land I will let you know . . . if I am able.
Legos REALLY hurt when you step on them. Did you know that one Lego can withstand 953 pounds of pressure before it deforms?
OH - Aprils Fools - only took 15 minutes from waking up to get me fooled. I got up, made coffee and yada yada and looked at email - LOOK  RedBox has a new thing PetBox that has movies for pets.  Well, I thought that was pretty dumb, what could Iggy and Sophie possibly want to watch on TV let's look.

OH!  April Fools!  sigh!  Damn it!

Aaron Rodgers is being fined $25,000 for being on the court after the Badger game and celebrating .

This kind of wanton, reckless disregard for the the rules cannot and will not be tolerated.

And lastly - I got a call from Madison from a realtor asking me if I knew anybody in the Kestrel Ridge area looking to sell their home. I said no except for the ones listed.  

Seems there is a big problem in home buying - there aren't any, especially in Columbus. People want to move here but the amount of inventory in homes is lacking. Not enough choice.  I've seen a number of people driving in our area that I know are looking to buy homes, you can always tell when they slow down looking at empty lots.

It's not a bad problem but is a problem.

have a Laural and Hardy day!    

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