Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ride for Your Heine

More news that is just wrong on the major networks.

The yare all saying - McDonalds is raising wages BUT, for only 10% of it's employees.

Well . . . . . . not really accurate.

McDonalds is raising wages but ONLY for franchises it controls which is 10% of all McDonalds. The other 90% are owned by normal rich people which can do whatever they want.  So when protesters are saying its not fair and McDoanlds should raise wages for all employees this is like asking them to raise wages for JC Penny stores also.

But the unreported news here is that those 10% will also get paid vacation time which is unheard of. Only 39% of the bottom 10% of wage earners get any vacation time.

Of course what they make is not actually a living wage in teh first place but with the economy zooming wages across the country are starting to climb and with every company raising wages it puts pressure on other companies to raise.

21 States have raised their minimum wage in 2015. Not Wisconsin.


Saddens me to say good bye to another USS Indianoplis Survivor - George Horvath who will be joining his wife very soon.  Thank you George.


From Sharrows Downtown - the barista said it was not his best bunny but then again he did not know I was going to take a photo of it.


Columbus has a tiny problem it seems - a good one but it's a problem. Housing.  Not only a lack of house inventory but apartments also.  Reading last night on Facebook a lot of people are having problems finding good non-low income apartments to live in.

Although there might be one over the Overtime Tap.
Three people were arrested and cocaine, marijuana and syringes full of heroin were confiscated. Seems all this was readily available to a toddler, also a resident.  Lock those dudes up for a lifetime I say.

Well done Columbus Police Department and Columbia County Sheriff’s Department and K9 Unit.

I've been critical of our Police Department in the past for their alleged dispassionate approach to the citizens in Columbus or at least the public perception to their compassion.  It's a tricky situation.  On one hand you need to show the outside world that Columbus is not just a small town where you can get away with anything but at the same time you need to show compassion to the residents and show them you are on their side.  Protect AND serve.

What makes Columbus a great place to get too with it's many highways is also what makes Columbus the perfect place to run drugs out of.  Easy access to larger communities that want those drugs.  I'm not talking about marijuana which I personally feel is a waste of time and money to police but heroin and cocaine which are the real problem.

ANYWAY - good job.


OH OH - I keep forgetting and I'm sorry Doug

The 25th Annual Ride for Your Heine is May 9th!!!  for more info go to 

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