Monday, April 20, 2015

Road trip

My two favorite sayings (this week)

Politics is the art of compromise. 

A fart is a scream from trapped poop. 

Heading down to the Flat Lands with members and former members of HLPC to represent Columbus for some popcorn cart function.  I don't know the entire story but the second popcorn cart, the brother the cart we have in Columbus has been found and restored in Illinois and I believe 7 of us are making the pilgrimage for the function.

Was that vague enough?  Basically I'm the guy with the camera. 


Heard a rumor that Columbus is making a round-a-bout at the Travel Center.  Not true.  While I love round-a-bouts as they are so much easier to navigate then stop signs, much safer and far more prettier, there will be stop lights. Next year.  


Bike Night happens in two weeks and Dickason will be closed off from 5:00PM to 10:00PM. The goal for event #1 is about 150 motorcycles. Being the 1st event it's a conservative number. Depends on the weather.  


WEATHER - as of 7:00AM Columbus received officially 0.75 inches of rain. Shouldn't get a whole lot more. Maybe a sprinkle tomorrow and then we start a long slow warming gaining 2 or 3 degrees a day for a week. Sunny Thursday through Sunday with light winds. 


Columbus is an awesome town.  Being an aldermen all you hear about are complaints and problems and you really need to separate politics from real life as much as possible or else you will be constantly annoyed and be slowly driven crazy.  

We took a long walk around town Friday night. Smelling the smells of people doing laundry and cookouts.  Hearing the train in the distance and a dog barking. Children playing and stopping at the mini library's that have popped up. Wonderful wonderful town. 


Couple new stores opening up downtown.  One is a AAA but not sure what kind of AAA.  The other is still in the works and will appeal to young people of all ages. The only store of it's kind in a 50 mile radius and personally I'm excited if the sale goes through. Should bring people from other towns to Columbus instead of Madison.  Holy Cow Batman! 

What we could use is more manufacturing as we have a rail hub and a few highways.  I'm going to attend a forum in Madison called   "How We Grow Matters"  put on by the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission.
"learn about how other regions have developed and implemented growth strategies that achieve measurable results on the ground. Given that Madison metro region continues to grow by almost 7,000 people a year, learning and applying such lessons is especially important."
I love stuff like this.  Columbus is the outer ring of the Madison onion. As Madison grows Sun Prairie grows and as Sun Prairie grows so will Columbus. No one wants the growth like Sun Prairie has and that won't happen but slow and steady is always good.  As long as Columbus is prepared to grow then growth is not a bad thing.


NOTE - Bowling Alley has been sold, it's a start.

Although I like this saying also