Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Terrorizing Children - OOPS

This is what old people do when you get bored. 

You wait like a puppy for the letter carrier to bring your mail because you never know what you will  get but 97% of the time you are disappointed.

And you create things like this.


Job Opening here in Columbus: Looking for part time energetic individuals for cleaning, organizing, lifting, moving boxes, misc. some yard work (planting) if interested. Pay rate $12-$15.00 per hour. Needed Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Any or all of those days work. Can work with your schedule. Anyone interested please call Kathy 608-510-9585 or email zeppelin181914@aol.com

ALMOST reminds me of those ads looking for self starting energetic people that love working in a fast paced active environment. Which to ME sounds like a really stressful hideous job.

Actually the above is for the Governor Lewis Mansion as they get everything in place. They are working on electricity for the yard and getting their website going. It's going to be an awesome venue for wedding receptions bringing many many people downtown on weekends.

Speaking of beer.

We had our homebrew club meeting last Thursday and lessons were learned. The first one took place before the meeting and involved me terrorizing a 2 year old.

We meet at the Nitty Gritty, home of the terrible burger and birthday parties. I was in the rest room when a father and two kids came in and they were all pumped up. As I was washing my hands I said "I bet someone is having a birthday". And the father of a little child said "yes he (insert name) is 2 years old today" at which point I say, maybe a little too loud "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  And at that point the little kid looks at me like the home alone kid and almost starts to cry! STRANGER DANGER!!

Then we were having a teaching class that night with hops. We had 12 different hops and MY job was to create a hop tea for each one.

We had 3 french presses and the Gritty would fill each one with super-hot water and I would put an ounce of hops into the press. It seemed like a good idea when we thought of it. WELL - hops are NOT like coffee it seems.

Hop pellets create this cement-like substance in a french press and when you go to "press" nothing really happens as water cannot permeate the hops. So I try 1/2 ounce with the same results.

I manage to moosh things around for 11 presses but with the last one something happened and scalding hot green water squirts up my arm burning the crap out of me.  MEANWHILE I have been pouring my used french presses into a sink which has now become clogged.  Sorry Gritty.

I walk into the room with the next hop tea and the President (not Obama) ask's me how it's going and I say fine except I need a mop, a plunger and a first aid kit!

Luckily our club is fully insured for a million bucks but I can see me talking to the insurance company "How did you burn yourself?" "Well I was making hop tea in a french press at a birthday bar". hmmmmmmm


How 'bout those Bucks.  They won 15 games last year and now they are causing stress in Chicago by winning the last 2 playoff games.  4 of the starting 5 players average 22 years old.

How bout those Brewers - nuff said.  Actually they WILL get better.  Seriously. The core players are all playing way way way below their career averages and all at the same time.

Ryan Braun has a .276 slugging PCT
Lucroy, Gomez and Gennett are all injured. 

At the start of the year the smart people said, if the Brewers can stay very very healthy they can compete.  Well, THAT didn't happen.


The answer to yesterdays trivia quiestion.

Bouquet Shop was across from the Capri in the building that the Horse Council is in along with the building to the left of it and I believe the one to the right of it as well. That (insert derogatory remark) looking shake shingle roof across three buildings on that side of the street was the Bouquet Shop.

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! (are there any chickens left?)

BTW - egg prices are going up!

Last year 44,828 cars were stolen in the U.S because people left their keys in the car. Hiding the keys above the visor does not seem to work as many seem to think. The thieves are just to smart for that trick.  Better to hide them under a strange looking out of place rock next to your door.


Had our house assessed as we are getting refinanced at 3.75%. It’s all of a sudden worth $45,000 more then the assessed value Columbus city assessors put on the house.

At the time I was happy with a super low assessment. Lower property taxes I figured which is always good . . . . . unless you are selling OR refinancing I guess. And actually the new assessment is low as I forgot to tell them we added the round-ish patio after the house was built.


LOL  HA - you should see all the garbage blogger puts on a page behind the scenes when you type (insert derogatory remark) with "<" ">" instead of "(" ")". 

 Gotta go. 

See ya