Monday, April 6, 2015

Worst announcers in the world - Chicago White Sox

I was reading what Nate Silver's take on the Wisconsin game was as his team dissected what happened and while they credit Wisconsin's defense they are putting the blame on poor coaching on Kentucky's part in the last 6 minutes of the game.

When Kentucky was up by 4 there were 12 possessions left in the game so their coach decided to slow the game down which was the wrong thing to do.  With offensive efficiency taking into account Silver simulated the last 6 minutes 100,000 times and Kentucky won 81.9% of the time.  With 10 possession they one 83.3% of the time. So when Kentucky decided to slow down the game you would think it was a good idea.


It was your classic yet flawed strategy to stop doing what you do best and change to protect your lead.

Instead of looking for good shots in the first half of the shot clock they stalled and took poorer shots in the last few seconds to slow down the number of chances Bucky would have to score, which, combined with Wisconsin's defense lead to three shot clock violations.  But also Wisconsin changed their defense when Kentucky changed their offense which played into the Badgers strength.

Kentucky was out coached.  Bo is awesome.

I listened to a press conference and someone asked Bo something on the order of how it felt to be this close to a National Championship.  Bo got a little perturbed and reminded the reporter that he had WON four National Championships already in D3.    


Went to Beaver Dam and Disc Golfed their course for the 1st time this year.  WINDY!!

The Columbus course in Firemans Park is still a little under construction it seems as a few tee boxes are missing and if you didn't know where you were suppose to tee off the course is pretty useless.

There needs to be someone in charge of the disc golf course as it's very vague at the moment. I know there are people who WANT to be in charge but no one knows who the go to person is.   

ANYWAY - since I keep track of every hole I play I can compare our course to others. 

The main courses I have golfed more then a few times are Columbus, Beaver Dam, Waterloo and Hiestand Park in Madison.  I have not played Marshal yet (afraid of losing my discs). 

By far the hardest park is Waterloo. It's like playing pinball with a disc.  Awesome fun when the mosquitoes are not around.   My average is 66.3.  After that is Hiestand which is very wooded with a lot of underbrush at 64.4.  Columbus is 3rd which surprises me but it's a longer course then most and I average 63.0 and lastly is Beaver Dam which is a very pretty course and entertaining 58.5. 


Took this at Motoclasico yesterday - this is a 1971 Honda CB175  175cc

I JUST saw a flurry of activity outside my window.  Ran to the other room, grabbed my camera, ran back to my computer to get my memory card, ran back the living room to switch len's ran back to my room with a better view. The cats are freaking out at me running around and I got this shot of a Coopers Hawk stalking an Junco who was taunting the him. 

They were having a fight in our cotoneasters and the Junco was leading him into thicker and thicker brush.  Then BAM - Junco flies and hawk is tangled in the underbrush.  Junco gets away! 

My own reality show in the back yard. 

Coopers Hawk - named AJ Hawk.


I was clearing out my Coreopis garden Sunday and came across a large egg partially buried.  I thought at was a golf ball at first.  So I carefully cleared around it keeping some tall grass around it for cover.

Took this photo this morning.

 If anybody wants some Zagreb Coreopis let me know - I have a LOT of it and need to thin the herd a little.  It transplants nicely.  Once it starts to come up I can give a lot away. Early bloomer and loves clay.


My goal in baseball is to listen to every baseball announcing team this year since I have really only listed to Milwaukee for most of my life.  I have a list of all 30 and they are ranked from best to worst.

My plan is to go worst to best so I can hear what other team fans hear.

First up is the worst announcing team in baseball.  The Chicago White Sox.
No crew received more total F’s or a higher percentage of F’s than the White Sox crew. Essentially, people either despised Hawk Harrelson or tolerated him for the sheer humor of it all, while there was a soft spot for analyst Steve Stone.
“In Dante’s inferno of baseball, [Harrelson] will be forced to watch endless loops of Sox striking out with the signature HE GONE being yelled in his ear for all of eternity.”
Not sure what game I'll pick - maybe Thursday vs. Kansas City.

OH - if you are wondering - The Brewers have the 8th best announcing team. The best,which came to a surprise by the website was San Francisco.  They had assumed it would be The Dodgers and Vin Scully (who I really like listening too). LA was 2nd.

AND one last thing.  I was always wondering if baseball stadiums all faced eh same direction.  NOPE - in fact Miller Park is one of the few that face south east.

Ballpark Orientation website 

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