Tuesday, April 7, 2015

WOW - our house lost 21% last year in property assessment?

WEATHER - we had 0.12 inches of rain last night!  But the big event was the 10 degree drop in temperature from 3:34 to 4:40 in Columbus.  You can find those graphs on my wunderground site

A lot more rain coming the next 48 hours. In fact the next 3 nights have rain in the forecast and a good amount over all over an inch and then clear and warmer Friday and Saturday. Starting Saturday we will warm up and should hit 70 next week with lost of rain Monday.

Not even going to talk about The GAME except it was entertaining and I'm glad I'm only a fair weather college sports fan. NOW I can see the badger players in the pros, maybe no as starters but it'll be fun.  I think the last few weeks I have watched more college basketball then all the combined years on my life.

Bo is really catching some flak from the national talking sports heads for ripping the refs after the game. BUT - they also say that his beefs were warranted on blown non-calls BUT - you need to play good enough to overcome bad or no calls. That is how sports works.  BUT, the biggest thing that everyone is talking about was that the Badgers just ran out of gas.
Not a great day in sports in Wisconsin as The Brewers had their biggest opening day blow out although I remember the very first game EVER by the Brewers and I swear they lost opening day 12-0 in 1970 but that was a few years ago, could be wrong.  I'll have to find that somewhere.

What I found funny and only Brewer fans will understand but after the Badger game I turned on the Texas Rangers vs. Oakland as there was a no-hitter in the process.  The very first thing I heard was the Texas announcers saying that Yovani Gallardo (former Brewer) gave up 4 runs and only pitched 4 innings because his pitch count was already high after 4 innings.  YUP - Brewer fans,  been there done that!


We are starting the process if refinancing our house and ran into a problem.  The latest assessment by the city was crazy low. sigh.  Seems we were assessed about the same the last 5 times in the last 8 years UNTIL last year when our house dropped 21% in one year.   What, did we demo a room?

Now we have to spend $$$ for another assessment.  Does anyone know a good person to call for this?

Watched a really good movie this past weekend.  WILD.  A true story about a woman who's mother dies young and she spirals into a path of self destruction of heroin use and random sex with anybody.
BUT - at her lowest point decides to walk the Pacific Coast Trail.  A 1000 mile hike from Mexico to Canada to find herself.  Very good movie!!


One thing the movie really made me want to do is test myself again.  I've been on five 600 mile one week long bicycle rides and the feeling you have after that is so fulfilling. NOT that I want to hike the PCT or anything, lets get serious, but I miss that feeling of accomplishment and or adventure.

Hydro Street events this April.

Every Tuesday League Trivia 7:30pm
Every Wednesday-Winey Wednesdays
Every Sunday Poker 4pm
Last Sunday of the Month Brunch starts at 9am and Poker is at noon
Sun April 12thMug Club Party, release of Yarrow Gruit. This is a gluten free brew with Yarrow flowers instead of hops. And it tastes like Summer!
Thurs April 16thTapas Til You Papas, Arts & Ales fundraiser
Sat April 18thMark Croft
Sun April 19th-Crawfish Home Brew Club Meeting  3:30pm
Fri April 24th -Bradley A. Sperger
Sat April 25th-Stien and Dine
Thurs April 30thBooks with Beers, Meet the Author
Mon May 4th-Bike Night

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