Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6th Grade Smartness

I gave my two presentations to the 6th graders at the middle school and all went . . .pretty well. The funny thing is that it seems all middle schoolers know of Hydro Street Brewing. I didn't mention it but when talking about The Workshop and where some other downtown photos were taken they were always in the context of where they are in relation to Hydro Street.

I'm pretty sure it was because Cypress (Aaron and Sandye's kid) is in 6th grade.

I tell ya - smart kids. They spouted off some interesting questions about "2 point perspective" when I put this photo on the screen.  And they were the ones that said "is that a 2 point perspective?" 


One kid even asked me about CMYK and RGB color.    


Firemans Park Disc Golf Columbus Wi is now Nationally recognized (see link)  It has a DGCR SSE rating of 16.1 which if you make it 9 holes would be 24.1.  DGCR SSE is Scratch Scoring Estimate and estimates what a scratch player (PDGA Player Rating of 1000**) is estimated to typically score on this course.

**My rating is currently is 799 (not bad for a Senior Grand Master - means I'm old).

Waterloo a very tough course is 25.4
Marshal is 25.8
Beaver Dam 19.8
Columbus 24.1
Weather in science talk for tonight! The great thing is they stopped using all CAPITALS.

The main forecast concern will be frost potential. Expect at 
least patchy frost most areas...except the far east where winds 
will be a little stronger early and possibly become northeast off 
Lake Michigan. 

Expect areas of frost over much of the well inland areas...except 
maybe far southwest where return flow/high clouds may become a 
concern...along with some afternoon heating if stratocumulus 
clears soon enough. Otherwise it is the classic setup with clouds 
keeping afternoon temperatures down. Then clearing during the evening 
allowing temperatures to cool into the middle 30s. 

Short term...Wednesday through Thursday night...forecast 
confidence is medium. 

Short term models are in good agreement with high pressure sliding 
slowly east of the area Wednesday. This should bring quiet weather 
to the area. Mild temperatures are expected well inland...with 
onshore winds keeping areas near Lake Michigan in the 50s. 

Warm air advection starts to occur Wednesday night...though 
moisture remains meager as main moisture transport will be to the 
west of the area. Thus...kept Wednesday night dry as well. Clouds 
will be steadily increasing through the night. Lows should remain 
in the upper 30s east to lower 40s west.
Break up the Brewers - they are HOT
Well.  PECOTA (Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm) NOT counting the previous 33 games has the Brewers beating Cincinatti the rest of the way and in fact have a 4.2% chance of makign the Playoffs!   YEA BABY!!!  
And get this - the Brewers have a better record then two other teams now! 
Nuff said - got to take off!

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