Friday, May 8, 2015

Big Bird

Even though I continue to terrorize children** I was invited to make presentations at the Middle School Monday.  The Columbus Library is donating 15ish(??) benches to artists to be creative with and they will distribute them around the city when completed.

Middle school classes will use some of my Columbus Photos to apply to one (or two?) of the benches (as learned from The Workshop - an art and craft studio for people of all ages in Columbus).

**  At the Columbus Crawdads game I sat down next to DJ and a family was in front of us with a big bag of Subway sandwiches.  I commented, AS A JOKE "hmmmmm  maybe I'll have a tasty sandwich" as I looked at the large open bag.

WELL - this 10 year old hears this and very very slowly moves the bag down a row and then very very slowly like a snail, moves in front of the bag!   Kids love me!


Read an article about athletes who will take over the world.

One was Giannis Antetokounmpo, also called The Greek Freak from the Milwaukee Bucks. The height of a center, skills of a guard and a 7'4" wingspan.  Also called many times this year the human highlight reel.

No one in the NBA has more raw talent then The Alphabet at age 20 and the nationally syndicated author says that once the Lebron James era ends the NBA will be ruled by Anthony Davis and Antetokounmpo.

If you watched any Bucks games this year, the guy is truly amazing.  As Dan Patrick said  "I watched a Milwaukee Bucks games last night and that is an exciting team".


OH - one note on the garbage bins.  When we expressed our concerns about the mammoth size they said that if citizens had problems they would actually move the bins for the household.

hmmmmmm - I don't think this is a viable option as I believe many older people are too proud to have someone else do their work. They would rather struggle with it themselves and perhaps hurt themselves on ice or whatever.

Deforest had 96G bins and when push came to shove with complaints they were offered a one time downsizing.


Just like when Dewey defeated Truman the closing of the southern ramps of 151/73 is a little premature. The plan NOW is for late June.  Well, that could be a problem with 4th of July celebrations so the people that actually run the city (unlike me who only complains about the city) are looking into this.

I say the ramp is perfect the way it is now.  There are so many patches it's become smooth. GREAT traction in winter.


Unemployment rate dropped to 5.4%.  The lowest since May 2008. Another 228,000 jobs were added last month.

Something my dad  told me in the 1970s was that the best bellwether indicator in the economy was RV Sales.   For some reason this clicked in my brain (the important things seemed to have vanished) and I have been watching this for the last 40 years and yup!!  He was 100% correct.

A couple days ago there was a blurb on TV about how RV sales are hitting record highs!!  Disposable income, people wanting to travel which spreads money to all sorts of places. Where's George?  Everywhere.

BUT - if you really want to make money, buy a chicken. I think there will be a lack of chickens soon! Does anybody have the number for Tyson Foods?   Don't by land, by chickens.

Did you know the guy inside Big Bird is 81 years old and has been Big Bird FOREVER?  Big Bird was suppose to go on the Challenger but that plan was scrapped!  Talk about the horror of children if Big Bird would have been on the Challenger.  

I would love to see interviews of adults that were children when Challenger blew up to hear what they were thinking.  I was in accounting class and MATC 29 years ago.


WEATHER - I'm not seeing any rain until Sunday and Monday when the front goes through!  There will be a humidity front coming through tonight but tomorrow will be above average at 71 (average high is 66).

Thunderstoms Monday.

Have a great weekend.


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