Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bike Night Success

WHAT THE HECK - I have no spelling checker in IE9 at work.  I really really hate Internet Explorer but am forced to use it.  I would rather have Netscape!! Working for the State, the trailing edge of technology!

My very very first keyboard when I started here had no "1" or "0".  My top row went from 2 through 9.  I had to use an "l" and a "O".  I still have no idea why that keyboard was configured that way.  

WAIT - I did not hear about the Flaiming Prom Limo of Columbus Wi    The photo of the studants all lined up with a burned out limo behind them is awesome!! 

"The girls were freaking out, and the guys were like, 'Oh this is so cool,’” Hendricks said.


Attended Bike Night on Dickason Blvd and I thought it was a great event. It was great seeing all the parking spaces being used on James Street and people wandering around the streets downtown. Sharrows Downtown had people in it and if any of the Antique Stores would have been open they would have had people looking.

Perhaps 50ish bikes were there with kids playing and lots of people with pets. Great music and good food. Super good acoustics on that street.

I took a few photos but have not had a chance to really look at them yet as I got home late last night but here are a few.

The first one is a FAIL but it turned out interesting. It does not capture Bike Night but I wanted to get the clock tower AND the bikes. I got one of those.

This next one was on top of a roof. That dang tree was in the way - gotta cut down all of those trees, they block sunlight! KIDDING !!

Does not give a good representation of the festivities.

One more shot. There were dignitaries all over. Councilmen Royan, Cindy the Library Czar the esteemed Mayor of our fine City and the main employees of True Value.  It was literally like the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York except without the gowns and stars but with motorcycles and brats!  Uncanny!   

From my slanted point of view - success for a first event.  I hope there are more.  The town seemed alive.


0.33 inches of rain today so far and a little more coming.  Tomorrow should be fine and nice and warmer near 80. We will actually hit 80 on Thursday with a chance of a Thunderstorm and then a chance of rain on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday.  We are literally (and this time when I say literally I really mean literally) on the front line in the battle between winter and summer.  A front is being pushed back and forth between good and evil and we are on the front line.  today we are on the evil side but the good side has momentum. Exciting!! 


0.33 inches of rain today so far and a little more coming. Tomorrow should be fine and nice and warmer near 80. We will actually hot 80 on Thursday with a chance of a Thunderstorm and then a chance of rain on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday.
How bout those Brewers. Craig Council? Well, he has done one thing right already with the lineup. Get the good guys up first. There really is no formula for constructing a lineup as most people think.

In baseball the inning with the most runs, on average, is the 1st inning. One BIG reason is that your best 3 guys are all batting. That is the key. In simulations all you have to do is make sure the good guys get the most ABs and the higher up in the lineup they are the more ABs they get.

So last night the Brewers not only beat one of the best pitchers in the Majors BUT then got runs of a bullpen that had not given up a run in 26 innings!


There is a new iPhone case that claims it converts random radio frequencies into power and charges your iPhone. Now you might say you have a bridge I can buy but this comes from Ohio State University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and this particular technology comes straight out of Ohio State’s engineering department.

BUT - it is very slow and can't charge from 0% to 100%. Pretty much only slows our power usage. STILL, things like this show how technology is not standing still. Seems to be a lot of experimentation on batteries around the world.


30% drop in profits from McDonalds last quarter.  Mullins, hear that? 

NASA is offering a $30,000 reward for a solution to keep astronauts alive in a Mars-bound journey.  This seems like something very important in manned space travel.


Did you know that next year Columbus will have FIVE kindergarten classes, up from 3? We have no place to put all of our students. One person I was talking that voted against a new school said we have a lot of unused office space downtown and we should be creative.

Now I'm never one to question outside the box thinking as there is way way too much inside the box decision making in the world but the problem on that one are playground (I suppose we could use the roofs) and cafeterias (Mama Mias?).