Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five minutes you will want back!

Learned a lesson last night/yesterday.   This ol' body needs to take it easier on Wednesdays.

Ever since Anytime Fitness opened I'm been a regular, working out pretty hard 4 times a week.  I figure that I'm PROBABLY not getting any younger and perhaps it's finally time I get into the best shape of my life . . .or at least try. 

So I worked out in the morning and then went to get some weed killer to kill weeds on the rock ledge by the water tower . . . .but heck I was driving past Firemans park and the disc golf course was calling me as the weather was beautiful.  

So I stopped to play a quick 6 holes but as I finished I saw Aaron Adams and 2 friends playing so I joined in for another round.  Disc Golf is a pretty strenuous past time (more then ball golf by a long shot). 

After that I climbed the rocks and killed weeds and THEN I went to Door Creek for 9 holes in league which my body seemed to be annoyed with me and it took 5 holes to stop hitting random direction golf balls. 

Oddly last week I was feeling on top of the world with 3 pars and a birdie but did not score that well overall.  Last night I was constantly scrambling and felt horrible after the round and scored BETTER then the previous week. So weird.


There is a 22 year old that had a recurring role in the TV show Gilmore Girls which I never watched.  

I found this out when I was looking into a new band that I was hearing on of my Pandora internet radio stations called Pretty Reckless.  Who was this band that I had now heard three songs and really liked the band. 

So I looked it up and found the lead singer was Taylor Momsen.  She has been acting constantly since she was 2 years old and it seems she had parents who were making her work a LOT.

In fact she never had real friends as they moved around a lot getting her acting jobs. She was runner up for the Hannah Montana role as she was also a musician.

WELL - once she turned 21 she quit acting altogether and said she  could finally play HERSELF instead of someone else. 

WELL - she formed a band called Pretty Reckless and she is now a woman I would NOT want to bring home to meet the parents!

BUT - she totally rocks!!  I think she is having an identity crisis! 

I think I was intrigued by her because her parents seemed to really control everything as she was growing up and once she was let loose everything changed!

They never let her be herself. 


PLUS - her newest music was only $5 to download on Amazon.  Even better.


OK OK - That red piece? SOLD FOR $81.92 million   COME ON MAN!!!  It's called #10

 #10?  There are 9 more?  AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

My newest creation that I spent over 100 hours on.  It's called


One anomalous reviewer writes

Melotte overwhelms and seduces the viewer with the totality of its sensual, cascading washes of vibrant green coexisting with Melotte’s vertical “Sign” of the human presence, his iconic and revolutionary “zip.

First person that gives me a check for . . . .$10,000,000 and it's all theirs.


OFFICIAL OPENING OF SUMMER - Mullins is open today!!! 

WEATHER - It WILL rain tonight. Not so sure about early evening as the heads on TV are saying.  Air is pretty dry around here and it might suck the life out of the coming rain. Maybe some small showers but nothing big.  It will need to build up more BUT - it WILL happen.

Good size warm front heading our way Friday night and Saturday will have a warm muggy air mass over us with some scattered strong storms.

A cold front passes Sunday night and it looks like a carbon copy of last week will happen with a cold Tuesday and gradual warm up.


I have nothing else to say to waste your time.  I bet you wish you have THAT 5 minutes back in your life.