Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is it garbagey or garbagie

Lots of conversation about the city and garbage bins. There is a proposal by our garbage pick up company to "give" each resident two 96 gallon containers.  One for weekly garbage and one for an every other week recycling pick-up.

When I lived in Madison we had these and it was pretty much unanimous that this was a very very good thing, a no brainer.  However we had a choice on what size of container.  

At the moment, Columbus is not being offered a choice.  96 gallons is what we get.  If you have seen these containers you could put two of them together and live in them as a tiny house if you wanted too (although I would not live close to the street).  My weekly two bags of garbage will get lost in a 96G bin.  HOWEVER, I will fill up the recycle container if it's every two weeks. 

If you live in the Vista Circle area where garbage flows freely in the streets every Monday because the crows and the wind combine for a perfect garbage storm you know that the bins are a no brainer. But for me it's all about the size. 

Personally, just my personal opinion (The views expressed by this author on this blog are the author's alone and do not represent the views of the city. The author is speaking for himself and not on behalf of the municipality.) I think we have bargaining chip.

We ( I ) want different size bins, they want a longer contract. How about a compromise!  The bins will make Columbus less garbagey and really make the whole garbage deal easier.  And as we all know. Politics is the art of compromise. Different size bins, longer contract.  Just sayin'.

If you have thoughts please email your alderman - input is always welcomed. My email is

 The others can be found on this link


Ok - another very personal opinion on a WORLD LEVEL.

This whole shooting thing in Texas and the Charlie Hedbo deal.  I get the freedom of speech thing, I really do. In fact I got a little pissed off the other day on Facebook when someone posted that anybody that stomps on the American flag should leave the country because people all the way back to the revolutionary war fought for that flag.

Well, one thing they fought for was the freedom of speech which the posters wanted to take away all of a sudden. Of course they were also fighting for "freedom" but in the same breath they figured why not take all the land away from the America Indians and shoot them because they were not like us Europeans.  How dare these Indians for getting angry at us for taking their freedom away.

ANYWAY !!!  Back to the Charlie Hedbo people.

If there is something that really really infuriates a huge group of people and they find it highly offensive  . . . .. why not be good human beings and NOT do it. Yes, you CAN infuriate and be highly offensive because of freedom of speech but . . . .  is that really the best reason to do it?

There are two sides and neither one understands the other AT ALL!!  "Our" side sees this as a "Freedom of Speech" problem and the other side see this as a giant middle finger insult to their way of life.

Just because you have the freedom to be highly offensive . . is it really wise?  How about a little common sense.

This is just my ignorant slant on things  


A few more images of Bike Night!  I'm a little surprised at the response on the internet about Council passing a street closing for 4 more nights. Seems promoters were holding back on promoting.

People walking up and down Columbus streets - not a BAD thing

Some pretty cool bikes and I can't wait and will be better prepared June 1st for the next one. 

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