Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Wallter Tower, disc golf, plants

So more and more people are using the Columbus Disc Golf course and it's a work in progress. A new facebook page  Friends of Columbus Disc Golf has appeared and with more and more people playing they are giving suggestions on how to make the course better.

One problem which I warned people about before it was installed was the swimming pool parking lot.  Until we actually played the course we were not sure how big of a problem it would be (well, I did but . . ).  No cars, no problem.  But as we play more and more AND as the golfers get better (oddly) it is becoming a headache.

We moved the tee once and I feel we need to move it again.  I was talking to a couple of golfers yesterday who tapped a car teeing off on #4.  I think if we moved the tee box further west to the other side of the #3 basket we might solve this problem.

For any of you that are wondering just what this sport is all about this is a wonderful documentary that most disc golfers are praising as it gives a real good look at the sport.  It's not what many people think it is. It's grown up!  


On a side note. The golfers yesterday were wondering about trash baskets.  They had picked up a few beer bottles as they played but had nowhere to throw them. It's something DGers do,  pick up trash on disc golf courses left by non golfers.


Did you know that the 10th President of the United States John Tyler  (Tippecanoe and Tyler too) who took office in 1841 has a two LIVING grandson's?  Well, he DID have 15 children after all and #13, Lyon Gardiner Tyler had 6 kids, two when he was 67 and both of those are still alive.

They can both say they are the grandson of the 10th President of the US.


Read an interesting article exploring bike helmets.  Seems they DO protect you but are they really needed?  The argument is that with all the stats and numbers on how they protect you but really no more then wearing a helmet all the time.  If people that climbed a ladder wore a helmet there would be less ladder deaths. In fact it is 55 times more dangerous to climb a ladder then to ride a bike.  If people wore a bike helmet while taking a walk there would be less head injuries walking.

There is one biking death every 10,000,000 miles in America. The argument is that NOT wearing a helmet is 4 times more dangerous, so NOT wearing a helmet there is 1 death ever 2,500,000 miles.

Helmet makers make it sound like biking is an extremely dangerous activity.  Perhaps we should just ALWAYS wear a helmet, LIFE is a extremely dangerous activity.  Driving in a car which is MUCH more dangerous then biking.

I have always been a proponent of helmets as I have been on many 500 mile week long events but hmmmmmm.   Of course kids should wear helmets as they fall down and there is nothing ever wrong with extra protection but it's not JUST biking that causes injuries.

Speaking of biking. I WISH Columbus had more bike paths. I have heard this a number of times now from random people. I'm ready to jump on that band wagon if someone pushes me! :-)  There is always more room for another windmill to chase.


OH OH - Elwood and I worked on the wall of the water tower (The Wallter Tower) Saturday and a number of you stopped by to say Hi.  Thanks for not calling the Police.

There was zero dirt between the rocks so people were stuffing the crack full of garbage. We spent the day with the help of the Water Czar who brought us dirt stuffing and filling cracks and then we planted an unknown sedum which is easy to grow, snuffs all weeds and is super drought tolerant.

 We planted the below sedum 2 years ago and then added more last year.  Little sprigs.  It flowers yellow and in the fall turns a pinkish.

Of course the boulders are MUCH bigger at The Wall but we are filling in slowly. We got 2/3rds finished with the dirt and will plant more in a few weeks.  If you would like some of this miracle sedum feel free to clip a few sprigs off the larger clumps. You really don't need much.  Landscapers use this one a lot it seems.  Does not like shade though.

If you have dark shade or dappling sunlight I suggest lamium.  Here we have the "battle of three armies" under my deck. The Lamium (light green) was the size of a shoe box 2 years ago. In the back is Sweet Woodruff which has a wonderful aroma and getting squeezed is blue flowered periwinkle which did not survive very well 2 winters ago.  The lamium has beautiful purple flowers. All snuff weeds in their own way and need very very little sunlight! In fact it's a little shy of sunlight. You can see it grows more toward shade. The original clump was bottom right corner.  Seems a little aggressive LOL.

Of course after working on the wall we toasted our manlyness with a beer and took photos of the back patio before it really starts to bloom . . it was a perfect weather day.

OH - and before I forget.

I stopped at Mary Arnolds house and took a few photos of their house and tree.  Here is one of those shots.  The bigger this image is the better it looks!
First art fair  Hilldale Madison June 13th
I'm on a facebook page about Fort Atkinson where I grew up and they have a LOT of old photos of Fort.  I've been cleaning some up and making them look better!
Nuff said!!

later!  Rod

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