Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brins Fire

19 years ago yesterday DJ and I flew to Las Vegas and got married.  Best gamble ever.  We were married at The Little Church of The West in a very spiritual wedding with Eddie the (broken) Limo Driver overlooking.  It was 108 degrees and it felt GREAT!

If you recall, 1996 was a hideous spring and people were REALLY getting cranky.  May had 23 of the 30 days well below average with 22 days of precipitation.  In June in rained the first 8 days with over 3.75 inches of rain.  As the plane was taking off in Milwaukee it was a driving rainstorm and 58 degrees.

We landed in Las Vegas and it was 108 degrees and FELT GREAT.  People looked at us with our pasty white skin as we almost kissed the ground and were saying THIS IS AWESOME, soaking up the heat.

A week later The Little Chapel of the West was moved as they imploded the Haciendia Hotel.

As luck would have it 10 years later we had a road trip to Sedona to renew our vows and the location  we were remarried burned down in the famous Brins Fire.  So both places we have been married either had the building next door imploded, or it burned down.

Of course it was all blagged about. The image below was a place I wish we could have spent more time at.  Yes - the dirt is REALLY that red.

hmmmmmmm - where should we go next year.

We were at the Grand Canyon on the trip and it will literally take your breath away.  So many people told us how awesome the Grand Canyon was and I felt that with expectations so so high we were going to be let down.

No matter what ANYBODY says - it is unbelievable, you can not be let down.  That tiny speck of brown is the Colorado River. 


Speaking of rain.  We have a "vigorous shortwave" which has a "considerable amount of moisture" associated with it heading our way Thursday into Friday.  We're looking at perhaps more then 2 inches of rain.  All models are in agreement on this one.   Saturday should be fine as the associated cold front drives the rain east later Friday.  Enjoy the sun today as you will not see it again until maybe next Wednesday.


Finished the Root for Columbus bench that Bonnie McDainel and I  have been working on with the 6th grade art classes of the Columbus Middle School.  Should be on display at the Library on Friday 4 to 6.


I have an Art  Fair at Hilldale Saturday!  just sayin.


Rick Santorum's bus made a campaign stop in Iowa for a 2pm meet and greet.  Only 1 person showed up. . . .and she was undecided!

Want cotton?  Be ready for a glut as China will import a crap load this year.  They have been stock piling it since 2011 and now they want to pare down and ship it to the U.S.

That truck with the 2,200 piglets that over turned?  1,500 were captured but 700 are still free to go about the land. 

Every year because of a bad key stroke 12,000 Americans are "killed" by the IRS.

$750,000 in donations were sent to FIFA for earthquake relief for Haiti.  None of it ever got there.  I wonder where it went.