Thursday, June 4, 2015

CSS Plan gets approval.

Well - I GUESS I have to prepare for art fairs.  Sort of why I have been absent lately.

I spent a few hours at the middle school helping the 6th graders with a bench project which was fun and depressing at the same time. Was I ever that age?  Did you know that every kid will get a lap top next year in Columbus schools?  Hell, I used a abacus when I was in high school . . .ok ok, a slide ruler.

Monday I ran up to the Portage Center for the Arts as there is a pretty cool thing I'm involved with called 

  Art That Blooms   

"Art that blooms is a wonderful event that features art submitted by local artists, and poems by local adult and student poets which are inspired by the artwork that has been submitted. Fresh floral arrangements are then created by amateur and professional floral artists. All this comes together for a two day event in June that is pleasing to all your senses!"

Although it lasts from June 5th to June 13th so I'm not sure which 2 days they are talking about.  All I know is my submission is needed on June 13th.  Maybe it's two days total hours?  48 non consecutive hours?
Because on June 13th I have my first art fair of the season at the new and improved Hilldale outdoor mall and I sort of need this for the top right side of the right side of my canopy.

Then on June 27th and 28th I have a weekend fair in Spring Green.


RABBITS!  I have a rabbit "problem".  They are chewing on a few plants.  When Milo was alive he controlled the outdoor critters but he is no longer among us and we have Critters Gone Wild.

Today I need to make a concoction of water, dish soup and hot sauce and spray in on my yummy plants.

Saturday, Elwood and I will complete the Water Tower project (and when I say "complete" I really mean the dirt part) with more dirt and more sedum.  Stop by and say hi!! We should be there about noon and the weather will be beautiful . . . .Saturday.

Sunday not so much.   Friday a dry "cold" front will zoom across Wisconsin around noon bringing scatter clouds and cooler air from the lake.  East winds will continue Saturday so it will be a LITTLE warmer but still air from Lake Michigan will reach us keeping things a little cooler then normal.

A surface LOW will track over Wisconsin late Saturday into Sunday and thunderstorms are a good bet. More chance the closer you are the the WI/ILL border.

NEXT WEEK  SUMMER - Mid 80's all week and after Monday sunny.  Monday is just the end of the Sunday problems.


Council passed the the CSS Plan for the James Street Project which is a pretty big deal for beautifying a major portion of Columbus.  Trying to make a good thing out of a bad situation.

If you drive down James Street from Charles Street on the top of the hill all the trees that are close to the road will be gone. They should not be there anyway. The road will be cement and slightly wider with a bike lane (we need more bike paths in Columbus but . . .). Don't worry, trees will be replaced with prettier but smaller trees.

HOWEVER - with a smooth road, lack of BIG trees and zero overhead wires and cables it will look rather  . . . stark.  So we will put in new decorative, black light poles . . . many of them, all the way from the top of the hill, through town where they will be a little more decorative to about River Road. In the downtown area the lights will have flag hangers and each will have electric outlets for new none discussed Christmas ornaments (will we need a Christmas Light Committee?  just sayin').  It will look GREAT as the lights will follow the contour of the land and lead people into town.

And all trees will be replaced - DOT is giving us a lot of $$ for each tree "in danger" as they call it.

There will be colored crosswalks all the way.  A dark onyx (not that icky reddish stuff that turns yucky pink with age) with white outlines which will look striking.

On Dickason two parking spaces will be taken away for a formal garden thing which will also have electricity for events on Dickason so there will be no need to run cables from businesses. The idea is to make that part of downtown more of the epic center for events.

We talked a LOT about colored sidewalks on the corners but the con's beat out the pro's because the National Parks Service would not let us have any color next the the F&M bank and the City Hall and a few other logistic problems.

In the works but for a later date we want to have urban trees downtown as they will block the sound of traffic and make the downtown area softer with more color and more pedestrian friendly.  Benches and bike racks are planned, hopefully from local manufacturers.

OF COURSE - MY vision (not a formal plan in anyway, just a vision) is to make Dickason into a community park with a combined Senior Center, Youth Center AND Library where the current Senior Center is and former Anchor Bank building is. The Library NEEDS a bigger place. So we should build a retro style building that compliments the current historic buildings that houses all three centers.    


Sunday June  7th at 5:00ish there will be a very informal Intro the Disc Golf meeting at Firemans Park.  For anyone interested in the sport you will have a chance to throw a disc and learn the sport.

More and more people from other towns are playing and giving suggestions on how the course SHOULD have been set up. But, gotta play the hand that you are dealt.

Later today I'm driving to Waupon to play their course and meet the members of their group that played Columbus the other night.  Rremember there is a Facebook page dedicated to the Columbus Course.

Friends of Columbus Disc Golf.        

I will not speak of my ball golf last night.


random stuff

Amazon will now ship anything less then 8 oz for free!!!

So long Hubble - in the works is a new Giant Magellan Telescope which will produce images 10x more clear then Hubble.

BUY EGGS - they are getting much more expensive and will impact many many things because over 45 MILLION chickens and turkeys  have been killed from the bird flu so far.

In a new poll 84% of Republicans AND Democrats say money has way too much influence in politics.  SO - we are all in agreement and that problem is solved!  Isn't it?

OH - there is a new thumb drive you can buy, the size of a dime that holds 128 GIGS!!    

Seems the world is extremely happy with America when it comes to Football (or soccer as we call it). America did in 7 days what Europe has been trying to do for 20 years, get those clowns that ran FIFA out.    

Worried about water and the lack of it?   It takes 14 gallons of water to make a pint of beer.  But get this , it takes 1.85 gallons to make a bottle OF WATER!!!  WTF?

It takes 1,800 gallons to make a pair of jeans. That t-shirt you are wearing 400 gallons.

And finally - since I have been working out a lot lately I was wondering how long it takes to get OUT of shape.  Seems 7 days of rest and you start to lose what you gained.  I think I mentioned I was in a weight loss contest. Dietbet with 300 other people.  Lose 7% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  I lost, took me 6 weeks.  I could have won $54 but I missed it by 1 pound.  Took me an extra 2 weeks but I'm down 7% and going strong!!  

At this rate I'll get down to my high school weight in  . . . . . another year. 120 here I come  LOL  ALTHOUGH my hair back then had more weight so . . . . .

have a great day.

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