Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Death's and forums

Death #1 - It was sad to hear Darryl Hamilton died in a murder suicide.  I liked him in the 7 years he played as a Milwaukee Brewer and the 29 games he broadcast last year for the Brew Crew.  Easy access to a guns . . . . . I'm not anti gun but in 2010 there were 19,392 gun related suicides and I have to think that when someone purchased a gun that was not the reason.  It just happened and easy to get at when angry.     

Death #2 was the one that made our household sad.  A bird!  We have a really nice bird house on our front porch and a family of swallows were renting it from us this year (free).  While mama was sitting on eggs the father stood guard on my rain gauge(pooping in it) and he was such a good father.  He tended to his family all day and when the babies were hatched he worked diligently bringing food.

Yesterday I went out to the rain gauge to see how much rain storm #1 gave us (0.74 inches)  and he was dead inside the gauge.   OMG!!!  Somehow he fell in and since he could not spread his wings he was trapped and died.  I felt horrible. It was so sad.  I had lots of photos of him and we were used to each other.  I feel so bad.


Action by the water tower.  They are mobilizing to start work on the water tower paint job. Inside and outside.  Work is scheduled to begin Wednesday and it will be a 7 day a week job until finished.  Maybe they can water the Russian Stonecrop sedum.  Now that we have identified the sedum we can see what we did wrong - which was . . . . making it too hard for ourselves. 

The instructions from the pro - snip off a clipping and stick it in the ground!  We tried to take the root ball and replant.  Our clippings are doing great - root balls not so much.  So the plan is every few weeks add 5-10 more clippings.

I found the answer on a sedum forum.  There are forums for pretty much everything.   I got an email notification last week from a forum I had forgotten about which was talking about Japanese Beetles.  Has anyone come across and grubs this year?  I have not seen one.  But all of a sudden people in Arizona are pleading for help.  My forum posts on these hateful bugs was from 2010.    


Many or our community leaders had war games last night with a train/oil car spillage.  I'm not sure who won, the oil or Columbus but at least they went through scenarios and hopefully, unlike my "use of force" training no one was shot.  I saw the Chief in some photos but he was not wearing the "use of force" gear so I think things were calmer . . . UNLESS Officer Schultz was covered in oil and we had to put him down for some reason. The Mayor was there so . . . . . .


Did you know there is an ordinance in New York that says you can not parachute off a building?  I think we need to discuss this in Columbus.

Did you see the guy on FOX almost kill a guy on live TV when he threw an ax at a target, missed it by a LOT and hit a drummer.  HOLY CRAP!!




The $10 bill is one of the least used bills people use and is only behind the $50 bill.  The $100 is used MUCH more.  Right now can you tell me who is on the $10 bill?

Alexander Hamilton, the creator of the American financial system.  WHY would they take his image off when they could take off Andre Jackson the guy that passed the Indian Removal Act. The guy that invented The Trail of Tears.  Good Lord!

Nuff said.