Monday, June 8, 2015


I hope everyone is finding there way south from Columbus.  The detour is rather nice actually and goes past the site of one of my better sellers in art fairs.  

Perhaps you don't recognize the place but it's that hill just before Steidman Road.  The three splotches in the green are . . .or were cows.       

On a side note I think we all need to give our City Administrator a manly smack on the butt for the good job he did convincing the DOT to NOT close the south ramps on 73/151 over the Fourth of July which would have been chaos.  The DOT can be pretty unforgiving but they caved in it seems. 

Speaking of cows I have a piece in Portage for their Art That Blooms show and I have to laugh at the poems associated with my image. 

Basically they show a piece of art and then Middle Schoolers write poems about it and a florist creates a unique piece that goes with my work. 

This is what is showing and a few poems below.

Curious, Yet Guarded

Black, White
Mooing, Eating, Sleeping
Cows taste really good.

- Nick Kruschke

dirty, loud
eating, mooing, standing
always eating some grass

-Kayleb Alston


And then there is Hunter Stenson

The cows healed in the field
then they took a deuce while looking for a goose
they shook their bells while the turtles took off their shells
that's when I decided to go to the Shell
I went and got a snack
and saw my cow eating a cat
then I went back to the farm to shut off the alarm
when I saw my bull beating a troll

- Hunter Stenson

We had a small but nice disc golf event last night in Columbus.  Intro to Disc Golf which was attended by about 11 people and at one point there were a total of 13 people actually golfing in Firemans Park last night. 

We really need to get one more sign up at the 1st basket showing people where #2 tee is.  Saw a group from Marshal wandering around aimlessly looking for #2.  OH - and those guys were REALLY good! 

Speaking of recreation - someone once told me there was a plan to link all the parks (5) in Columbus together with a bike path.  As I was in Waupon, which is about twice the size of Columbus, on their disc golf course  I saw so many joggers go past their course it got me thinking.  Bike path = jogging path.  SO - if  know one comes up with that plan I'll be forced to make my own path that links all the parks.  

Not sure how to do that yet or where donations would come from but it's on my to do list. 

Almost hit a kid Friday who was learning to ride a bike on a busy street because there are no side walks.  Why would any family move to a place with no sidewalks.  Jenny's kids just got bikes and the only place to ride them is a street!  What could possibly go wrong. Not blaming Jenny because it's an apartment but I would  never buy a house without a side walk?   

I've had two people contact me about wanting sidewalks. 

Columbus is print.! 

The Amtrak Station is finally having their parking lot resurfaced . . .or surfaced for the 1st time.  Amtrak, the DOT and  Vita Plus are working together on this project that will begin soon.


Put the last pieces in place in the water tower project . . .we thought . . . but there seems to be some stress in the sedum we planted.  However a few experts that are not us have commented that the sedum with roots are the only problems and the cuttings are doing fine.  So time will tell. 

Since the sedum is a succulent there should be no real long term problems but man, those boulders get warm. 

Columbus received 0.12 inches of rain in 2 storms yesterday

And speaking of warm - this week will be a warm one.   Interesting day today though.  With warm temps on the surface and cold air aloft mixing there is a good chance for pop up thunderstorms this afternoon between 3 and 5.  Even though the dew points will be lowering all day there is enough moisture to generate some quick, big storms.  Some hail and some damaging wind COULD occur on these fast moving storms. 

With that said it should be pretty nice out today as dew points will continue to drop. 

Tomorrow will be the warmest day of the year but the lake breeze COULD cool off Milwaukee.  

All models are in agreement on Thursday and Friday with a strong LOW entering the state with a good amount of rainfall.   

My art fair at Hilldale Saturday should be fine weather-wize.    


OK OK - I had to laugh at the news today.  There was a big Hip Hop concert somewhere and police were tear gassing concert goers and the scene of all the hip hop attendees running AND trying to hold up their pants was funny.


Wayward Pines - what a great show that is!   


If you have not tried Choboni Greek Yogurt do it.  It's really good. In fact I have been eating the one with oats in it and it's GREAT!!  DJ turned me on to it.  I hated Greek yogurt (which is not Greek at all it seems) but this stuff is good. 


On this day in history in 1944 American and British forces finally linked up on the beaches of Normandy to begin winning WWII.  Sadly while the WORLD beat Germany the REAL villain was Russia.  Stalin killed way way way more people then Nazi Germany. While Hitler gets the credit for being evil Stalin was actually more evil, but to his own people.  

I tell ya - America might do well winning wars but we totally suck at occupying.  


Saw my first Baltimore Oriole in Columbus Saturday.  Anyone want some Grackle families? They make so much noise!  

Have a great Monday!