Thursday, June 11, 2015

Significant Rain - Petrichor

Here we go. Dew points have been climbing since 3 this morning as a huge surge of moist air enters Wisconsin.  So far there is no real instability in the atmosphere so no thunder . . .yet.  That will change.

There is a strengthening LOW that is sucking warm moist air for tonight which will be the real rain maker but we can expect 1.5 inches today and another 1.5 inches tonight and we are not the heavy area which is more north of Columbus. 

The motion of the storms do not look like there will be training with storm after storm hitting the same spot which males flash flooding not that likely. Add to the fact that the earth is ripe for water less will run off. 

There is strong directional shear which is wind moving at different directions low to high so hail and damaging winds could happen ad the warm front approaches later tonight.   While this is a crap load of rain it will be a very beneficial rain.  Anybody that golfs knows how hard the ground has been getting needing moisture. 

Rain will likely finish tomorrow morning as the LOW moves quickly out of the area.  It seems to be speeding up it's west east movement. 

Saturday, my art fair day at Hilldale will have a HIGH briefly over Wisconsin. Originally cloudy now there could be dapples of sun. 

SUNDAY - here we go again with another 1.8 to 2 inches of rain. 

Since the rain will be heavy there is less of a chance of petrichor. 


Petrichor is that fresh smell after a rain.  That smell is actually an oil and Actinobacteria which plants give off.  The oil protects seeds from germinating to early in times of stress and the bacteria is what the clay in the ground gives off.  MIT scientists say when a rain drop hits porous clay small bubbles appear and give off the aerosols.  Rain that is light give off more aerosols.

In an odd note - it seems when I have a Water and Light meeting it always seems to rain.  It's getting creepy!

OH - Water tower. Seems our sedum is stressing out but from a sedum expert forum they say no fear.  The plants with roots are looking rather horrible but that is because they are putting all their energy into the roots.

The cuttings are doing MUCH better - not sure why.   Seems to be a "you gotta kill it to make it grow" things.

I have a lot of family that lives in McKinny Texas, where that cop had the "problems" with that teenage pool party.

WELL - not that I condone what he did but let's get his whole day in perspective.  Just before that incident he was called to a house where a father shot himself in the head in front of his family.  The officer was there to talk to the family and take photos and calm the scene.

Then his next call was to talk a teenager out of committing suicide which he successfully did.

Then came that call which he told headquarters he was not prepared to do but when it was told there was violence happening and he was the closest . . . . . . . as he said, he "just lost it" and that is why he quit the department soon after the incident.    


Very good night of golf last night but I was hitting everything strong. I think my approach shot ended up the back of the green on almost every hole. Maybe my working our is finally having results.


No time for random drivel today. Have to make a delivery to Madison and then start loading the trailer.  OH - gotta design an order sheet also!

Have a great Thursday - NO HYDROPLANING.



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