Friday, June 5, 2015


Weather for the weekend.  East side of Wisconsin will be pretty cool today in the middle 60s but those off shore breezes will warm up before they get to Columbus, BUT we will be breathing Lake Michigan air today.

Saturday - we should wake up cloudy but as a HIGH slides WEST sky's will clear. Still cool on the east side of Wisconsin. Columbus should be pretty average temp-wise in the mid 70s and sunny in the afternoon.

Saturday night we see warm advection happening (when heat from the earth warms the moist air aloft) mixing with a little eddy of turbulence coming our way which could lead to some showers.  Remember the atmosphere is like a giant ripple of water, fluid dynamics.

Sunday is still tricky.  A LOW just north of Wisconsin is dragging a cold front behind it. The temperature is not too bad aloft but because of clouds the earth might not warm up much. Could be thunderstorms in the morning.  If the sun does come out that will warm things up nicely but . . . . .  

Next week - above average highs, the warmest weather of the year approaching middle 80s but dew points only near 60 so it will not be too uncomfortable.


I played WARP, the disc golf course in Waupon with 6 of the guys that "run" the place. Very fun and technical course and they gave lots of ideas for Columbus.  The group has designed a few golf courses and had ideas for our course.  We could have 8 holes but would need to move one of our baskets.  They are thinking of upgrading a few of their baskets and Columbus could get 2 more baskets cheaply.  Just thinking out loud.

They have a deeply wooded County Park that they used and like all places are trying to get rid of this weird stigma that disc golf has with people thinking it's all about weed smoking hippies.

They said that before they installed their course there was a LOT of vandalism in the area but now with people playing and more people in the park it's dropped to zero.


Bananas - the banana that people ate before the 1950s was completely, 100% eradicated from earth because of the banana fungus!

The banana we eat today is completely different from what people ate before the 50s. The problem is that we have all of our banana in one basket.  If another fungus hits this banana we will be forced to have a banana alternative.  So the next time you eat a banana be thankful you HAVE a banana because you could be eating plantains instead.

Is this like having all of our chickens in one basket?


Economy - Whoa - the jobs report came out and America added 280,000 jobs, unemployment rose from 5.4 to 5.5% but wage growth was higher then expected which shows a tightening of the number of jobs available.

It's a mixed bag but the bottom line is people are still gaining work and the missing element that the Fed have been waiting for, wage growth, has yet another good month.  The economy is still clicking in the right direction.

On a side note - I believe Columbus is adding 11(?) new homes with more coming in the pipeline. There is more talk about adding new business's near the two 151 intersections but nothing firm.  That is some pretty prime property in that Enerpac area for the right business.  Shovel ready which is a big big thing for companies.  Enerpac created the infrastructure to get out there.

Love'm or hate'm that was a very good by-product of them moving out to that area and if a business wants to build, the water and light and sewer are there already!   PLUS - for sewer, it's all downhill from that area, something you don't think about often.

Have a great weekend.  

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