Monday, June 15, 2015

Weather Forecast - FAIL

Please put some prayers out there for the Columbus Economic Director as he as in a pretty serious car accident this weekend. Broken hand, sternum and a couple of broken ribs but it sounds like it could have been worse.

The City Admin sent a letter to people who sometimes listen and sometimes don't about the problem between Walker and the Republican controlled government.  Seems there is a chance the James Street reconstruction MIGHT be canceled with those two not seeing eye to eye.  Walker wants to bond a few billion dollars for road work while the Republicans say NO, raise taxes and fees. Walker says NO raising taxes EVER. So at the moment all DOT projects are in limbo which totally blows for towns like Columbus that have already spent a lot of time and $$ planning.  GET YOUR FREAKING ACT TOGETHER!!!

If you have seen all the trucks with TERRA on the side, they have been performing the sewer system improvement project to seal and line sewer mains to keep them in good shape.  They were on Avalon last week.  

The new tourism committee met for the first time last week and I'm jumping for joy. From what I heard from several sources it was a very good meeting.

Tonight Departments heads are conducting a mock train/oil accident in Columbus. I will dress up as an oil drenched pelican.  

BTW - have you seen all the pelicans on Breeze Lake outside of Sun Prairie off 151?  must be at least 100.  That lake has a pretty interesting history. It used to be an Indian stopping point on their travels. A whole community like a Yogi Bear campground for traveling American Indians. 


WELL - I knew I was walking a thin line all last week with the weather forecast.   For 10 days I had been watching the weather for Saturday since I had an outdoor art fair and for 10 days Saturday was the island between rain.

It was all looking good and until Friday night when things start to go downhill a little. Once the day came . . . . pretty much an all day drizzle.  Not sure what Columbus was like but it was a little sucky in Madison.

However - with the sparse crowd I actually did pretty well, 12th best out of 31 shows but 22 when you look at the percent of money made compared to how much it cost to get in. And almost last when you count the headache of trying to get out of the place.  Chaos!  Sort of like when you are on a busy street and an ambulance goes past and all the cars are trying to get back in line.  The end of an art fair is always a freaking nightmare.  It seems people that run art fairs don't care once the fair is over but for vendors it's a pretty important time, ESPECIALLY when it's wet.  

While re-ording things last night I came across this shot. It's rather bright and I have never printed it but I don't want to delete it either. 

Had some images of Columbus purchased by some travelers Saturday.  The Columbus Train Station was a nice seller.  People are always asking for trains so I have a large image of this on one wall and some a couple 12x16s of the below image. 

In fact a lot of odd things were purchased.

The good thing about the Hilldale show was that that, is a "classy" part of Madison. YIKES.  Some serious micro mini skirts, $300 jeans and it seems Coach Bags were yesterdays bags?   

Next year I will skip this one and do the Taste of the Arts in Sun Prairie for only $75 and not $150 as Hilldale was.  

Next up - Spring Green, a rare two day show which will be my biggest REAL art fair yet (not the drunken Pumpkin Patch Fest in Egg Harbor).  I have a fantastic location for that one in a shady area - booth 11A. 

Spring Green June 27th & 28th
Lake Mills July 19th
Paoli August 8th
Fitchburg August 15th


Jurassic World eclipsed the GDP of seven countries in the world this weekend.  Came in 2nd for most domestic $$ ever in a weekend almost beating Marvel's Avengers.  Worldwide it made $500+ million which is the best ever.  OH - the professional estimate was $82 million so $204 million was a pleasant surprise.  And from what I have been seeing on Facebook people were nuts over it.  

Another surprise is Melissa McCarthy's SPY which made another 16 million in it's second week and people are saying one of the funniest movies in a long time.  

One movie I was reading about that many people are saying is really good is a " stylish and cerebral thriller".  Ex Machina

I'll wait until it's at RedBox. 


Took this from my patio yesterday - the clematis was blooming.

OH - the water tower sedum is looking pretty poor but it will come back. I've been following it pretty closely and while 80% of the original big plantings look . . . dead there is life coming back.  I don't THINK they were poisoned, just stressed from no water after we planted them.  Who knew succulents needed so much water when newly planted!

NEXT year at this time they will look like this

 have a great Monday! 

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