Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where is summer!

Somehow THIS location totally missed the 100% chance of rain last night.  Beaver Dam had 0.85 inches. I'll be interested to see what the guys at Waste Water had as they submit their total to NOAA also.

For us!  High in the low 70s today and tomorrow and getting to barely low 80s on Saturday and Sunday and hovering around 80 after that.  Next rain MAYBE Monday but only a small chance at the moment.


Work has begun in earnest on the water tower. In case you are interested in how much a new tower would cost if you wanted one in your back yard for the coming apocalypse the new one in Beaver Dam is a mere $1.1 million.  

"We" decided to slightly rotate the "Discover Columbus" logo on the tower so it will be visible from Firemans Park and from 151 as you drive past.  The inside of the tower will be sand blasted and the outside power washed before the paint job. 


Ruins near Spring Green.

This bird blows my mind!!! Seriously! The Lyre Bird


But wait!!

This will freak you out!!!


I saw some graphs about how many news articles there are compared to how many Google searches there have been for each GOP candidate.  Frankly, no one cares about Walker compared to how many news articles there have been in America.  It's all about Jeb.   It's going to be Bush vs. Clinton next year!

OK - a certain DPW guy took all my time - gotta run!    I have a great idea for a 4th of July photo that I'm negotiating access to a secret undisclosed location with.

See ya!